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A study in reciprocity: Minimizing the digital divide and the intergeneration gap - Children tutor seniors at computer and internet skills and get a lesson in history - Prof. Edna Aphek, Jerusalem, Israel - 2

3. Evaluation and reassessment

On-going evaluation of the program, and reassessment at two major points:

At the end of first 5 weeks and at the end of the entire program.

The Ebooks: sample material

As previously mentioned, a key issue in the program is the co-writing of a"mini- ebook", based on a chapter in the personal history of the participating senior.

All the seniors who participated in the project this year wrote "mini ebooks" based on their past history. Most of the seniors chose stories connected to major events in their life.

The children were learning history from living resources, and they were taking part in its recording.They were fascinated, captivated by the personal element of the stories and at times ecstatic about their new role as "history writers".

Excerpts from two ebooks
1.A chapter from an ebook written by ZIP 65+ and Y. a boy in 6th grade

Chapter I : The Nurse

Jerusalem, 1936. It's the time of the MEORAOT : shootings and acts of terror.

We live in a southern neighborhood, not far from Beit Zafafa.

My mother went to a hospital in the city ( Jerusalem) to have me delivered.

In light of the shooting, getting to Hadassa Hospital on Mount Scopus, was impossible.

A maternity ward was set up in the center of the city, and there

I was born-MAZAL TOV ( congratulations-Hebrew)

Fifteen minutes after my mother gave birth to me, a red headed baby girl, a terrorist's head appeared in the window.

My mother panicked. Her hands were paralyzed.

My father went looking for a nurse in Beith Zafafa.

Y. who has been working with z. was stupefied : why didn't they give you a formula and that's it? He asked, why go and look for a nursing woman? Z. gave Y. a lesson in history. She told him about the very many things that abound nowadays, but which didn't exist sixty+ years ago.

2.An excerpt from Shaul's digital book
Shaul was born in Argentine in 1930.
Here is the first chapter from his digital ebook written together with A. 6th grade.

Its 1936, my first day in first grade ; I am going out of my parent's home, walking for about 500 meters and now I am waiting for the tram to take me to school. The distance is 4 kms.

My father is taking me to school, on my first day.

My father is teaching me how to get on the tram, how to pay and where to get off.

The ride lasts 25 minutes.

On the second day I am doing the same, only this time I am riding alone.

I keep looking through the window in great fear : lest I'll get off at the wrong stop.

But then as I am looking out of the window I see my father riding his bike just behind the tram.

I am relieved. I arrive at my school.

Today , its very different. My grandchildren don't have to worry about a thing. A bus comes to pick them up and a twenty kms. The ride lasts no longer than 20 minutes.

Life on the whole nowadays is much faster, much more stressful. I wonder whether today's generation enjoys the beautiful things I used to enjoy when I was young. I used to watch the huge locomotives let out the black smoke unto the sky and whistle…

Well, I do think they'll ( my grandchildren ) will be successful as they have better tools than those we had.

A discussion followed, a lesson in relativity and about what is important.
Different points of view at different points in time…different centuries…

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