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A study in reciprocity: Minimizing the digital divide and the intergeneration gap - Children tutor seniors at computer and internet skills and get a lesson in history - Prof. Edna Aphek, Jerusalem, Israel - 3

Mid-project : participants comments

Feb 16th, 2001
In the sixth meeting, about half way through the project this year, we held a special meeting where we recorded learners and teachers comments.

Though a short recording session was held at the end of every session, we felt that more time should be devoted to this process.

Here are most of the comments and suggestions:

"older learners"
"young teachers"
I hoped to get more as far as internet skills are concerned. But writing my own personal story and searching the internet got me very involved. I am getting things I never thought I would know.
R 60+
I learnt a lot from R's story. I learnt things I never knew about Israel's war of Independence. I never knew that the Kibbutz's children had to be evacuated. Writing together was most interesting.
M. 6th grade
My intellectual abilities aren't as good as they used to be. I am learning sort of slowly. Because of these meetings my understanding is getting better my teacher
(5th grade) has much patience. She "opened my head" (a Hebrew expression, meaning she "got my brains working")Though I don't own a computer, I know now how to digest it.
J. 75
I got to know J. better through her personal history and the story we are writing together. N.5th grade
I don't compete with the other learners and I don't compare myself with their progress. I am working at my own pace. I have a computer at home but I don't even touch it. I did expect to be able to type on my own…
R 55+
I learnt much more about R. through her story.
N. 5th grade
At this stage I am feeling much better. I know how to use the mouse and feel I gained mastery over it. I have made much progress but still lack much knowledge M.65+ Grandma's personal story is most interesting. I have never heard it before. We are making great progress.
K. granddaughter 5th grade
From one meeting to another I am more and more satisfied. I feel good. I enjoy the work greatly. I still don't know everything. I would like to know more I would like to master the Office package better.
Sh. 65+
I know more about the Kibbutz and its history. I am learning about my family as my tutee is my grandmother's neighbor
P. 8th grade
I find it so very interesting learning about how " my teacher" perceives me. His perception of me is of a totally different dimension. I would like to get a written summary of the work we have done in the internet. Right now I am so absorbed in writing my story that I can't concentrate on internet skills.
Z. 65+
Today we concentrated on her personal history, we wrote it using PowerPoint. It's so very interesting as if one was reading a thriller. I wanted to know more and more. She is using terms and words I have never heard and when I ask her what they mean, she says: "wait" (and thus suspension is built) I am right handed and she is left-handed. She keeps moving everything to the left side and I keep moving things to the right side. In short we are having a great time.
Y. 6th grade
I enjoy so much the story I am typing. The very fact that I discovered that I can type… what a discovery! However, apart from typing nothing really attracts me. I am not interested in anything else, including the internet. I enjoy so much writing my story, the "then" story. I find it so exciting. I felt time was flying by..I wanted to print the pictures, but had to stop..
A. 70+
She was so busy writing her story all the time, that I felt useless. I hardly had a chance to help. Because of her I learnt how to use a scanner and download pictures.
D. 5th grade
When we started planning the e book, " my teacher" and I, we decided to write the story of a real group of youngsters in my time, when I was at these youngsters age. The problem is that we are nearing the end of the course and there is still so much to be done, we mustn't stop.
These meetings, two hours each are too short!
A. 6th grade
Today my tutee didn't come but even though he couldn't come I decided to show up and help the others. I helped today in scanning pictures.
B. 6th grade
Those amongst us, who underwent the very difficult times prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, find it very difficult to pass on this chapter in our history to the young ones. I find coming here and learning fantastic. But remembering those days I find most difficult. Teachers like those who are tutoring us are hard to find. These youngsters are so patient and teach us as if they were qualified and experienced teachers.
Sh. 70
Sh. Didn't bring her work on the story as requested, but we discussed the situation today and from that point we went to discuss the situation in those days
S. 6th grade

I agree with most of the comments made so far. I wrote, by hand, my life story at home and my wife typed it for me. When I came here my teacher asked me to continue typing it. Part of it, he, the young one typed and then prompted me to continue and each time I touched the keyboard I felt I was typing faster. Today I finished typing the story. It's a great feeling.
A. 60+
It has been really great. His story… how his parents came here… very interesting… I also learnt about myself that I am really great…
D. 5th grade
I feel I have joined the Global Village, this is a great feeling. Now its all up to me, no more excuses. When I watch the TV and see WWW written I don't fret. Now I have to teach my wife.
Sh. 70+
Sh. really knows a lot. I think he could really teach his wife.
G. 5th grade

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