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Arzu - a detailed analysis
of a language learner
by Kendall Peet
- 12

Appendix 1: Arzu’z writing samples

Task 1 Completed for homework

You are having a very big party for your birthday next month. Write a letter of invitation to one of your best friends. (100-120 words)

1 Hello,

2 I will have a big birthday party next month. I’ll be

3 26 years old. I want to see my best friends in my

4 party. It will be very exciting. I’m sure you won’t be

5 bored.

6 I have bought another dvd player. After party we can

7 watch a lot of new films. Don’t worry about rooms

8 to stay. In my house there are 6 rooms and enough

9 beds.

10 I called our friends from university. If you

11 come to my birthday party you can see all of them.

12 I missed you very much and I’ll be very happy if you come!

13 Write back to me please.

14 Take care

15 Arzu Karatas

Task 2 Completed for homework

You English friend is planning to visit Marmaris in June. Write a letter

giving advice on what he/she should take on holiday. (100-120 words)

16 Hello,

17 I’m very pleased that you’ll be able to come to Marmaris

18 in June. Marmaris is a very good place. There are a lot of

19 beaituful and clean beaches. And also you can find many

20 clubs and discos.

21 There is a hotel XL in the city centre. I had stayed

22 at this hotel before. I’m sure you will like it.

23 No need to take many clothes for holiday, you can

24 buy them here. Because clothes are very cheap in marmaris.

25 If you have a credit card no need to carry money for

26 hotel, restaurant and pub. You can buy your camera

27 if you want to take view photos.

28 See you in June.

29 Take care

30 Arzu Karatas

Task 3 Written undertest conditions as part of the 2 hour end-of-course pre-intermediate test.

You’ve seen this advertisement I the newspaper. Write a letter applying for a job. (100-120 words)

Are you 18-30 and physically fit/ Do you want the job of a lifetime? Come and work for Club Ibiza in Spain organising activities for holidaymakers on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. Good salary and accommodation offered.

31 To whom it my concern,

32 I’m 26 years old. I was born in Turkey/ istenbul.

33 I have been working at Arkas as a import customer

34 representative since 1999. I’m still learning English and Spanish.

35 I have to know fluently English for my job but my English isn ‎ ’t very good.

36 That’s why I decided to go to different country to

37 improve my English and also Spanish.

38 I’ve seen your company’s advertisement in the

39 newspaper and I decided to write you. I

40 really want to work your company. I likes organising

41 activities. If you have any place for stayed, I can

42 begin as soon as possible. If it is impossible I’ll help

43 from my friends. You can find my details below.

44 If you have any questions pls do not hesitate to contact me.

45 Sincerely,

46 Arzu Karatas

47 Direct phone : 0212 340 5254

48 Mobile Phone : 0505 310 3621

49 Email :

Task 4 Completed for homework

You are a journalist for Hurriyet newspaper. Every Sunday they have an article with the title ‘What would you do if you were the Prime-Minister of Turkey?’ and different people write their ideas. Write an article. (100-120 words)

50 If I were the prime minister of Turkey, I would change the education system Because it is not good.

51 And also I would have changed economic and cultural functions. I would have to help to without

52 relations children. They need to compassion.

Arzu was unable to complete this task. She explained to me that she was not motivated enough to do so.

Task 5 Completed for homework

I asked Arzu to write a story about something that happened when she was young.

53 When I was 7 years old my father took a bicycle for me. I was very happy because it was

54 my dream bicycle, red and blue. My father to teached me how can I use the bicycle and he

55 said me “Don’t go to the Ataturk Street by bicycle because it was very big and dangerous

56 for you.”

57 My brother went to Ataturk Street many time thats why I decided to go to Ataturk Street.

58 I left my flat by bicycle and went to Ataturk Street. Unfortunately a minibus crashed me. I

59 stayed there until my family came. I was very afraid of accident. And also my father was

60 very angry at me because I didn’t listened to him.

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