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Using authentic literary text with advanced learners
Katherine Byrne
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5 Minutes
T - whole class Lead-in - Look at book - predict content, does it look interesting?I will then tell stds that book is about a marriage, extracts they will read are about the couple on their wedding day and ask them what information they would expect to find.

To create interest in the text
5 Minutes STAGE ONE
Stds individually
First reading. - stds skim text to confirm if information predicted is found

To offer practice in skimming text
15 minutes STAGE TWO
Stds individually and then in A-A pair
Second reading - for more detailed comprehension. In pairs answer T/F questions on worksheet and discuss meaning of figurative language noted - what does it tell you about the character? To check comprehension of text
To maximise language use by stds
To develop knowledge of adjectives of personality
To train learners in interpreting figurative language
10 Minutes STAGE THREE
A-B pairs
Speaking - exchange information with partner from other group and predict future of relationship, giving reasons and referring back to text which should arouse interest in reading further extracts.

To allow students to respond to the text in an authentic manner
10 Minutes STAGE FOUR
T - whole class
Language analysis - figurative language - creatively generated and fixed, cultural associations. Discuss how similes in extract were interpreted and were they useful. Figurative language in other genres

To develop learners' inferring skills
To raise awareness of cultural aspects of figurative language
10 Minutes STAGE FIVE
Std pairs
Skill transfer - analysis of figurative language in other genres
To analyse use of figurative languagein non-literary genres - newspaper reports and advertisements
To promote interest in reading in English
To develop confidence and autonomy
5 Minutes T - whole class Cooler - discussion on reading
Handout to take home with further extracts giving outcome of the story

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