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Course Planning - a process
by Emma Worrell
- 4

Appendix 1: Course Outline
Comparing and contrasting
Advice and suggestions
Advantages and disadvantages
Present tense review
Comparatives and superlatives
Discourse features:
Register and format
Linkers (sequencing, concession, contrast, addition, generalisation)
Cohesion (reference words- anaphoric and cataphoric, lexical)
Word stress (compound adjectives)
Syllable stress
Intonation (question tags, sounding interested)
Phonemic chart revision
Weak forms
Word building: prefixes, suffixes
Work and employment
Job titles
Sports (equipment, rules)
Phrasal verbs
Describing people: compound adjectives- character, attitude.
Speaking: comparing and contrasting, advice and suggestions, agreeing and disagreeing, advantages and disadvantages.
Listening: for gist, for specific information, for detailed information, inferring attitude.
Reading: for global understanding, for specific information, inferring attitude
Writing: Transactional letter, informal letter, magazine article.
Learner Training
Exam strategies: Paper 1, part 1, 3 and 4; Paper 2, part 1; Paper 3, part 5 and part 4.
Error correction (teacher and peer correction of written work).
Vocabulary: Expanding and recording lexical groups, effective translation, word building.
Reading: inferring meaning from context, examining parts of speech, activating students' schemata, using visual clues, anaphoric and cataphoric referenences

Appendix: 2
Course timetable (Each class is 1.5 hours)
Page numbers refer to FCE Gold (unless otherwise indicated)
Abbreviations Max = FCE Gold Maximiser, IGB = Instant Grammar Book, T = Teacher, Stds = students, Hwk = Homework

Tuesday 21st October
Theme: A Sense of Adventure U.1

Warmer: Review Hwk

Exam Focus: Reading.

System: Discourse
Ordering the sentences of an informal letter using discourse markers to help.(Instant Grammar Lessons)

Skill: Writing
Find the grammar mistakes, letter questions.Letter plan (Hwk preparation).(p.12)

Hwk:Letter (p.12, ex. 3)

Thursday 23rd October

Warmer: Brainstorm ways to travel.

Skill: Listening
Sub-skill: prediction questions,noting figures, True/False questions. (p.14)

Skill: Speaking
Sub-skill: Giving opinions(p.14)

System: Lexis
Prefixes/suffixes (p. 14)

Hwk:Max. (p.17)

Tuesday 28th NovemberTheme: Work and Play U.2

Warmer:Systems: Phonology.
Review of vowel sounds.

Skill: Speaking
Sub-skill: Agreeing/disagreeing(p16).

Exam Practice: Paper 5, part 3; Collaborative speaking task- Photo prompts (job photos). Discuss pay, desirability.

System: Lexis
Jobs/responsibilities + relative clauses; "is a person who..."

Skill: Speaking
Game 'Guess my job'

Hwk: U.1 Review (p.15)

Thursday 30th November

Warmer: Hwk check
Team game. T gives description of job, stds guess name of job.

Skill: Listening
Sub-skill: prediction/gistUnpopular jobs (p.17)

Exam Practice: Paper 4, part 3(multiple matching. p.17)

System: Lexis
Phrasal verbs (p.17)

Exam Strategies: Writing.
Stds read and discuss criteria for letter writing. Stds peer correct each others' letters in accordance with criteria.

Hwk: Present tense review (p.17 ex. 1)


Tuesday 4th NovemberTheme: Work and Play U.2

Warmer: Speaking. present continuous review (p. 17)

System: Grammar
Review/practise present tenses (p.18).

System: Lexis
Employment vocabulary (p.18)

Skill: Speaking
Exam strategy: Comparing British employment laws with Spanish employment laws (p.18)

Hwk: Exam Focus, Paper 3, part 5

Thursday 6th November

Warmer:Exam Focus check.
Analysis of discourse- how stds came to conclusions about answers. (p.19)

Skill: Listening
Sub-skill: prediction of song content, ordering sentences (p.20).

Skill: Writing
Transactional letter (p.21)

Exam Strategies: analysing task requirements.

System: Discourse
Register/format/linkers for formal letter.

Hwk: Letter (p.21, ex 3)

Tuesday 11th November

Warmer: Reading race (authentic material).Matching questions to job adverts

Skill: Speaking
Dangerous jobs

Skill: Reading
Sub-skill: Gist/comprehensionquestions.

System: DiscourseAnaphoric/cataphoric references.

Exam Strategy: Paper 1, part 3- gapped text

Skill: Speaking
Affective response to article

Hwk: Max. (p.19)

Thursday 13th November

Warmer: Brainstorm sports.

System: Lexis/phonology.
Sports vocabulary- syllable stress.

Skill: Speaking
Exam Strategy: Comparing and contrasting pairs of sports. (Paper 5, part 2).

Skill: Speaking
Discuss favourite sports.

Skill: Writing

System: Discourse
Noticing sequencers in written text (p.24)

Skill: Speaking
Using sequencers to describe routine.

Hwk: Max. (p.20 )


Tuesday 18th NovemberTheme: Nearest and Dearest

Warmer: Stds discuss photo of twins (p.26).

System: Phonology
Stds complete poem with rhyming words (p.26).

Skill: Listening
Stds check poem (p26).

System: Phonology
Stds practice rhythm and stress of poem (p.26).

Skill: Speaking
Advantages/disadvantages of brothers/sisters (p.26 ex 2).

Skill: Reading
Sub-skill: Matching title to article

System: Lexis
Game: "Call My Bluff"- vocab.(p.27 ex.3).

Hwk: True/False (p.27 ex. 2).

Thursday 20th November

Warmer: Check homework.

System: Lexis
Phrasal verbs.

Skill: Listening
Sub-skill: Inferring meaning of phrasal verbs from context of listening exercise.

Skill: Listening
Sub-skills: Gist/comprehension questions. Authentic material- BBC World News.

Skill: Speaking
Discussion of world news Exam Strategy: Giving opinions/advice.

System: Grammar
Comparatives/superlatives review.(p.28 ex.1).

Hwk: Exam Focus (p.28)

Tuesday 25th November

Warmer: Vocabulary recycling. Stds test each other on vocab cards from previous units.

System: Grammar
Comparatives/superlatives. Describing people (p.29 ex. 2)

Exam Strategy: Use of English Paper 3, part 2 (p.29 ex.3).Skill: Listening

Sub-skill: Listening for gist 'Selling' (p.29).

Skill: Speaking
Selling a product.Sub-skill/function: language for persuasion/comparing/contrasting.

Hwk: Letter (Max p. 24-25)

Thursday 27th November

Warmer: Peer correction of hwk letter (using exam criteria).

System: Phonology(p.30)

System: Lexis
Family members/describing people. Matching vocabulary to description.

Skill: Speaking
Using new vocab to describe family members.Function/phonology: Responding/intonation/sounding interested.

Hwk: U. 2 Review (p.25).

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