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Course Planning - a process
by Emma Worrell
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Appendix 3 - FCE Course Overview

Paper 1 Reading:

Part 1 = Multiple matching
Matching headings or summary sentences to each paragraph of a text.

Part 2 = Multiple Choice
Choose between four alternatives to answer questions or complete statements about a text.

Part 3 = Gapped text
Put the removed sentences from the text into the correct spaces.

Part 4 = Multiple Matching
Read a text divided into sections and answer specific questions about each one.

Paper 2 Writing:

Part 1 = Compulsory Transactional letter.
Write a transactional letter based on information and prompts.

Part 2 = Choice of writing task.
Choose a writing task from a choice of the following:
A letter
An article
A report
A discursive composition
A descriptive composition
A short story
A composition, article, report or letter on one of the background reading texts.
(note students in this academy do not do background reading texts).

Paper 3 Use of English:

Part 1 = Multiple choice cloze test.

Part 2 = Open cloze test

Part 3 = 10 Key word transformations

Part 4 = Error correction test

Part 5 = Word formation exercise

Paper 4 Listening:

Part 1 = 8 short extracts (unrelated). Answer multiple choice question about each one

Part 2 = 3minute monolgue or conversation. Take notes or fill in the blanks to complete the missing information.

Part 3 = A series of short related extracts from monologues or conversations. Multiple matching, to match the speakers to the prompts.

Part 4 = 3 minute monolugue or conversation. Answer True/False, Yes/No etc, Multiple choice etc.

Paper 5 Speaking:

Part 1 = Candidates speak a little about themselves. 3 minutes.

Part 2 = Candidates compare and contrast 2 photos. 4 minutes.

Part 3 = Candidates carry out a task (problem solving decision making, prioritising etc)
Based on visual prompts. 3 minutes.

Part 4 = Interlocutor develops the topic covered in part 3. Candidates discuss and give opinions. 4 minutes.

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