Designing a twenty-hour course by Emma Metcalf

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2 hours

Topic: Travel

Lesson 1 - System: Vocabulary
Looking at specific differences between words in the semantic
field of travel.
Examples: city break/package tour
L.T. How to record vocabulary

Lesson 2 - Skill: Listening
Sub-skill: For specific information
(functional language)

System: Discourse: Noticing Appropriacy - different levels of formality. In Advance p.112

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Functional
- negotiating (disagreeing/Suggestion/hesitation)

Activity taken from In Advance p.112
'Planning a journey'

Homework: Learner diary.

Topic: Travel

Lesson 1- Skill: Speaking
Sub-skill: Functional - making complaints.

Skill: Listening: TV Fawlty Towers 'Communicative Problems.'

Skill: Speaking: Role -Play Making complaints in a restaurant/travel agent´s/shop.

Lesson 2 - Skill: Writing
Sub-skill: Writing a formal letter of complaint

System: Discourse Linkers: Sequencers and concession linkers. Comparison of spoken and written complaints

Format of a formal letter

Planning a formal letter of complaint in pairs.

Homework: Write up the formal letter of complaint.

Topic: Work

Lesson 1 - Warmer: Vocabulary - acronyms on the interent Example: FAQs

Skill: Listening
sub-skill: For gist - talking about the differences between formal letters and emails in style and structure.

Skill: Speaking.
10 top tips for writing emails.

Lesson 2 - System: Grammar - wishes and regrets.

Warmer: Statements about work to discuss that include wishes and regrets.

Noticing: the unreal past - the past tense used to show distance from reality. Students underline examples.

Controlled practice: Sentence completion.

Free practice: Game : 'Guess Who.'

Topic: Work

Lesson 1 - Warmer: Definition of a good/bad colleague.

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Expressing different degrees of certainty Example: I reckon/ I´m not sure

Task: Design an activity to help promote team building.

System Vocabulary: Work idioms and expressions Example: to be work shy/to take a sicky.

Lesson 2 Skill: Listening
sub-skill: For specific information. Streamline Departures p.54 Taking phone messages.

System: Vocabulary: jumbled telephone expressions Example: put someone through/hold the line

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Functional - a telephone conversation.
Flow chart.

Topic: The Media

Lesson 1 - System:Vocabulary: Words connected with the media Example: tabloid/soap opera

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Functional - expressing personal opinion. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of media.

Skill: Listening Sub-skill: For specific info - gapfill.
Song: Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson. (Song is about the effect of the media on their lives)

System :Vocabulary: Word formation - words that appear in song Scream

Lesson 2 - Warmer . Puns in newspaper headlines.

System:Vocabulary: Newspapers Example: go-ahead/ curb
In Advance p.68
Noticing: Style - expanding newspaper headlines p.69

Homework: No.2 p. 68

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday
2 hours

Topic: The News

Lesson 1 - Warmer: Skim reading an English newspaper supplement

Skill: Reading
sub-skills: Skim, scan and reading for detail.
Looking at a wide variety of authentic newspaper articles.

LT: Reading strategies for skim, scan and detailed reading
.Activating vocabulary building strategies with Lexibase. (Appendix)

Lesson 2 - Warmer: News that interests students, expressing personal preference.

Skill: Listening
sub-skills: For gist and detail listening to an authentic news bulletin taken from the BBC World Service.

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: reformulation of news story.

Homework: Buy an English newspaper and read an article.

Topic: Cultural and regional differences

Lesson 1 - Warmer: True/False questionnaire about differences between the U.S and Europe using Pulp Fiction.

System: Vocabulary words to describe the north and south of England.

Skill: Reading
sub-skill: For specific information. Streamline Departures Unit 19 Prejudice..

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Functional - disagreeing and interrupting
Task: Decide where to open a new cultural centre (Seville or Barcelona?)

Homework: Informal letter dismissing prejudices about Spain.

Lesson 2 - System: Grammar - modals of obligation (must and have to.

Questionnaire about national customs.

Topic: Music

Lesson 1 - Warmer: Guess the country - music from around the world

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Expressing personal tastes about music.

Skill: Listening
sub-skill: For gist. A radio news report about Rock Star (home recording)

Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Functional - denying and persuading.

Role -play - 'Rock Star'

Lesson 2 - Warmer: 'It´s me/It´s not me. Comparison of different groups/singers.

Skill: Listening
sub-skill: Dealing with background noise

Songs: Blur - Charmless Man
Oasis - Don´t Look Back in Anger.
Songs played simultaneously while two groups ordered the verses of their song.

Topic: Men and Women

Lesson 1 - Skills: Listening:
sub-skill: For gist
Video - Shirley ValentineSystem: Grammar - comparatives. Putting comparatives on a cline.
Example: slightly more important than/ just as important as.
Ranking what makes a successful marriage.

System: Vocabulary - colloquial (and some regional) expressions to describe men and women.

Skill Speaking
sub-skill: Functional - expressing opinion. And personal reactions to issues in film.

Comparison of marriage in Britain and Spain.

Lesson 2: Skill: Speaking
sub-skill: Expressing opinion - comparing male and female brains.

System: Vocabulary.
Noticing words with m/f connotations.

Topic: Literature

Lesson 1 - Warmer: Do students read in English? Why/not?

Skill: Reading

L.T: Reading strategies - inferring meaning of vocab/expressions from context using texts from The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones´Diary. Peer teaching: explanation of the meaning of the vocabulary looked at in their particular text.

Homework: Write next diary entry using guidelines from Process Writing (See bibliography)

Lesson 2 - Warmer: System: Vocabulary - qualities of a hero

.System: Discourse - problem/solution textual pattern in an authentic short story: Examination of pattern in a variety of different texts Example: Romeo and Juliet . Looking at partial solutions. Ordering of text 'The Troubled Mr Wong.'































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