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Ideas on only using one object as the focus of the class

This is not suggesting that you go into most classes like this. It is to demonstrate that a little thought and imagination can go a long way.

A bottle - a few ideas in no particular order.

Elicit what it is - brainstorm different types of drinks, different liquids put into bottles

Think of ten different things you can use a bottle for, apart from containing liquids.

Stds invent a dialogue in a bar with the bottle as the central focus

Give 3/4 more vocab items & stds invent a story using them Introduce language of invitations 'Would you like a drink?'

For higher levels formal/informal language

Processes - pres. simple passive - bottling of a drink.

Prepositions of place

Materials - glass to other materials Interview roleplay - found dead rat in bottle while drinking (barman - customer roleplay) and goes on to negotiations for a settlement over compensation for the outrage (company rep.- customer roleplay).

Bottle is a new invention - prepare an advertising campaign to promote this revolutionary product.

Vocab - smash, crack, shatter, break poss. combined with other 'breakage' vocab & then to go on to area of complaints.

Message in a bottle - stds write one to each other, put mysterious one on board & stds ask questions/discuss to discover meaning.

Tribe find bottle washed up on shore, never seen one, discuss uses from their point of view & the go on to discussion on civilisation and then desert island - desert island discs/possessions take/who take with you etc.

Alcohol - uses & abuses & then role play with bottle central focus - alcoholic & counsellor/partner.

Class questionnaire - most/least popular drinks.

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