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EFL Colleges Management
by Piotr Jednaszewski
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In the academic year 1999-2000 the method was implemented and the percent of students continuing the program have risen.

Academic year

No of students in the college

Percent of students continuing










It was clear that there were also other reasons which could have paid a crucial role in the indicated numbers. Therefore, before the end of every semester students are traditionally asked if they are going to continue the course on the basis: “yes/no and why?” As in the years 1996 – 1999 there were 35 applications out of 230 stating that there should be more practice on speaking or reading, generally indicating the development of particular skills, then in years 1999 – 2002 there were 9 applications out of 380 stating that more conversation or grammar should be incorporated into the language practice. Therefore I believe it should be remembered the presented method is to be used exclusively for developing all language skills not promoting teachers’ preferences. The individual teacher’s tendency of misusing this method can be limited through the right curriculum, contact with students, class observation and progress tests.

So, as the research presented above shows, the teachers should be asked to accept the interdependency that exists between the teaching and all the other operational aspects of a language institution which are crucial for the overall right functioning of that micro educational system. However, we should be aware of the fact that it is only one of the aspects of management needed for the big cake to taste well.


Piotr Jednaszewski is a methodologist, graduated with degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, TEFL, American University of London Master of Art in Education and Professional Development (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), University of East Anglia Master in Science in Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Marketing, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Professional Development. For 10 years he has been language counselor, proofreader and has been preparing managerial staff for international talks.

English teacher: - preparing for negotiations, business plans and projects presentations - English for Banking - English for Lawyers - General English - preparing for University of Cambridge exams From 1992 Director of Diplomat Colleges in Poland

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