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What is grammar and how should
we teach it ?
by Jeanette Corbett

- lesson plan 3

Lesson Procedure

1 Settling in
5 mins Tcher-stds Stds-stds
Aims: Settling in

1.Stds check homework and chat to the teacher

2 Family vocabulary
10mins Tcher-stds Stds-stds
Aims: Test and elicit stds knowledge of family vocabulary
Allow stds to teach each other
Check understanding of vocabulary

1.Teacher asks question "Are you from a big or small family?"Elicits names of relations from stds
2.In pairs, stds divide vocab cards between words they know/ don't know.
3.Teacher asks for the opposites. Peer teaching if necessary. Teacher intervenes when required for meaning & pronunciation.
4.Teacher calls a category stds divide the cards e.g./ generation,Male-female-either,Related by blood-non blood, immediate-extended family

3 Reading
20mins Tcher-stds Stds-stds
Aims: Practise reading for gist
Check stds understanding of comparisons & guide them inductively towards the rules

1.Stds read and answer the question "Which family is most like your own?"
2.Compare their opinion with their partner
3.Stds read in detail and answer T/F statements on the worksheet. Feedback to the board

4 Comparison focus
25mins Stds-Stds
Aims:Allow stds to activate their passive knowledge and reinforce the rules for themselves.
Check stds understanding and finalise the rules.
Highlight the use of nouns as well as adjectives.
Highlight the differences in register to stds

In pairs:
1.Teachers asks for the connection between the statements.
2.Stds read the worksheet and complete the rules.
3.Split the stage between comparisons & modifiers.
4.Feedback open class. Teacher checks understanding by asking for the differences between the sentences.
5.Teacher writes A bit-a great deal- a lot- slightly.
6.Stds match to their synonyms
7.Teacher checks stds understanding of register.

5 Controlled Practice
5 mins Tcher-stds Stds-stds
Aims: Practise the use of modifiers, focusing on accuracy & stress.

1.Using rods the teacher demonstrates a comparison. Stds make similar comparisons, using modifiers, open class.

6 Speaking
20 mins Tcher-stds Stds-stds
Aims: Generate interest in the text before speaking
Provide speaking practice combining family vocabulary & comparisons.
Evaluate std knowledge of character & descriptive adjectives.

1.Brainstorm, the qualities of a typical Spanish family.
2.Stds are given a text about a Spanish family, to be photographed for 2000. Teacher asks questions about their roles, work, routine, appearance and character.
3.Stds think why their family or of an typical Spanish family would be a better choice for the photograph.
4.In pairs, compare the Fernandez family to:1. The qualities of a typical Spanish family 2. To their family 3. Consider whether their family would be a better choiceFeedback open class

7. Closing
5 mins Tcher-stds
Aims: To conclude the lesson & recap on any questions raised

1.Stds asks questions about the lesson and teacher gives homework.

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