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- Lesson Plan 4

Tape script: Louise & Andrea dialogue
Subject: Advertising

A: Right what do you think of this advert?

L: What the Opium one?

A: Yeah that one yeah. The one.. The naked woman

L: erm I don't know what to think really. I mean She's obviously an she's an attractive woman. But I don't know what's trying to say about Opium

A: I dunno I dunno that she's quite errr it's quite luxurious and she's kind of…it's quite sexual as well. She's reclining in passion or something (Yeah) you know not quite sure why she's naked

L: No I think. I read an article about it once and it.. It was trying to erm copy the kind of renannaise period or something of art (This advert?) Yeah and it had the picture in… you know …the original in the newspaper and actually it looked nothing like this particular ad. (It doesn't particular) It was a pathetic kind of excuse (yeah). It is very sexual advert. And that mmm a lot of people were quite horrified with it, certainly in England.

A: Yeah definitely! I mean I just don't know why it's necessary she's still wearing the gold shoes, the bracelet and the necklace. I don't know quite if it's necessary for her to be (yeah) like that

L: Erm I know. Back home it's quite a funny story I suppose. Back home.. In my hometown there was an enormous hoarding of this advert under the railway like the railway (railway bridge) railway bridge and erm it went up. I don't know say it went up on the Thursday night (mmm) and err my mum and dad noticed it and then by the Friday (It'd come down again) No! Someone had been so outraged by it that they went and bought erm some white emulsion and THAT night painted over it

A: The whole… just the girl or the whole picture?

L: I'm not sure but..certainly over her anyway. (Well) So it obviously evoked quite a powerful reaction. (yeah yeah)

A: I guess that was the aim of the people making the advert you know (yeah) YSL. They wanted to sell and get people to notice it

L: But will the people remember the advert for (nay) Opium ?

A: The product? Nay not at all. I don't think so. They'll remember the naked woman (yeah) and the whole thing just designed to shock. The make up, the hair very red, the jewellery you know, it's all very (and the lips are open) Yeah. She's very white now and the contrast between the colours. Nay I don't think so. (Yeah) Not like kind of other you know…Benetton adverts. When I think everyone..You know.. They are controversial and everyone knows…and do you remember(and you do associate it with Benetton) ……You know the baby that was being born and the.. What were the other ones?

L: There was one with an Aids victim or something.

A: Yeah there was and one with a priest, was it a priest? (Yeah) kissing a nun.

L: Yeah something like that. But what was it trying…. there was no relevance to the advert and the product was there?

A: But the campaign of Benetton is that we bring everyone together (Right) that we kind of …we accept black and white and we accept all kinds of people. (mmm) I guess they're I dunno... They're obviously trying to provoke attention but I dunno… I dunno…. what it's got to do with Benetton really (no) you know..

L: I mean..I think the first one they had was the newborn baby. I think that was the first kind of really shocking one.

A: Then everyone just went crazy about one (mmm) why did they just go crazy?

L: I dunno because it's something so natural and beautiful (yeah) in a way (yeah) so.. Why?

A: Because we are so British (yeah) we don't like to see.. We like babies to pop out nice and clean (yeah) you know

L: Do you think erm that advertising standards and things are a bit more relaxed in Spain? I don't really know enough about Spain

A: I dunno erm I think there's probably a lot more nudity in Spain than we'd allow erm…

L: Like the big hoardings in Sol or something of Claudia Schiffer
(Claudia Schiffer)

A: Yeah definitely. Wouldn't happen
(that wouldn't be allowed)
in England (no) I dunno.. I dunno.. By comparing Spanish and English adverts. It's just Spanish adverts they are much longer, go on a bit more. They are all the same you know. Not as innovative definitely as British adverts (yeah). I think Benetton - controversial but did its job. (Yeah) I dunno you might see something like this in a newspaper in a magazine (something (like the Opium one) but TV I don't think so (no) I don't think so


Proficiency 1: Masterclass, Supplementary Listening, Unit 15

Exercise 1

Listen to the cassette and answer the following questions

1. Give the conversation a title

2. Divide the conversation into the sub topics

3. Define the relationship between the speakers. How do you know this?


Exercise 2

Listen to the cassette and complete the grid
· Voice pitch (low, medium, high)
· Voice speed
· Attitude of the speaker

Topic Dominant Speaker Voice Features Other Speaker: Voice Features


Proficiency 1: Masterclass, Supplementary Listening, Unit 15

Exercise 3

Study the words in brackets and those in italics and underlined on the tape script.

a) Define the purpose of these words, in relation to the segment of conversation.

She's reclining in passion or something (Yeah) you know I not quite sure why she's…


b) Decide what happens to speakers voice pitch in relation to the other speaker.

She's reclining in passion or something (Yeah) you know I not quite sure why she's….


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