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Problems & Solutions - Lexis at
Pre-Intermediate Level
by Emma Worrall
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Learner Autonomy

Finally, I think there should be some discussion here about learner autonomy. Students have a responsibility for their own learning, and it may be helpful for the teacher to do learner training in their classes to encourage students (especially those who have been out of the education system for some years) to organise and record their work. Strategies should be taught to help students infer unknown vocabulary and, of course, teachers should do regular vocabulary recycling activities. Teachers should regularly ask students 'What did you learn from today's class?', 'Did you find this activity useful? Why/why not?' in order to negotiate with their learners and identify problem areas. It also gives students confidence and coming away from a class with some new and useful vocabulary, which they can then use again, is what students want (Ellis & Sinclair 1989).


My future aims are not only to experiment with vocabulary teaching methods in all my classes, but also to try and lose my anxiety over teaching multi-word verbs and train my students to be more confident when learning and using them. I aim to continue training my students to contextualise vocabulary and I aim to push my students more by introducing more vocabulary (for example, synonyms and idiomatic expresssions associated with multi-word verbs). I believe that my pre-intermediate students are ready to be introduced to the idea of multi-word verbs and hopefully they will already be familiar with them and have a good base of them before they become bombarded with them at FCE level!


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