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Problems & Solutions - Lexis at
Pre-Intermediate Level
by Emma Worrall

Lesson materials & appendices

Family vocab

Put the words into the following categories:

father - uncle - cousin - mother - grandmother

grandfather - aunt - daughter - niece - sister

son - wife - nephew - husband - son-in-law

brother - daughter-in-law - grand-daughter

father-in-law - grandson - mother-in-law



Tape script:

Emma: Ok, so this is a photo of my mum and dad.

Mike: And how old are your parents?

Emma: Well, my dad was born in 1945. He's called Terry and my mum, she's called Mary, she's two years younger than my dad.

Mike: Who do you take after?

Emma: I think I take after my mum. I think we're both extrovert and friendly people. But of course, it's not perfect! I sometimes fall out with her, like all mothers and daughters.

Mike: I think you look like your dad. You've got the same nose and mouth. And who's this?

Emma: That's my brother. He's called Mark and he's 29.

Mike: Do you get on with him?

Emma: Yeah I do. When I'm in England we always go to the pub or the cinema together. We have the same friends and we always have a good time.

Mike: Who's that with your brother?

Emma: That's my brother's girlfriend, Fran. We grew up with her because she lived in the same street as our family when we were young.

Mike: And who are these two people? Your grandparents?

Emma: Yes. They're my mum's parents. My grandmother was called Elsie and she was born in 1913 and my grandfather, who was called Albert, was born in 1910. They often looked after me and my brother when my mum was at work.

Mike: What were your grandparents like?

Emma: My grandmother, Elsie, was a very generous and patient person and she looked after five children during the war so I really looked up to her. My grandfather was a very intelligent person.

Mike: And these are your other grandparents?

Emma: Yeah. My dad's parents were called Marjorie and Malcom. I remember my grandfather was a very shy man

Mike: And who's this?

Emma: That's my aunt Judy and her husband Peter on their wedding day. They're not together anymore. They had some problems so she split up with my uncle six months ago.


Matching Definitions

1) Match the multi-word verbs from the tape script to the definitions below:

a) look the same as

b) have a good relationship with

c) respect and admire f) have the same personality/
(an older familymember/ character as (an older family
famous person) member)

d) stop speaking to someone after an angry discussion (family or friend)

e) live close to someone and spend your childhood years with them

4) take care of

8) to separate from somebody (in a romantic relationship)


True /False Questions

Listen to the tape. Decide if the following sentences are true or false.


1) My mum and I are shy people.

2) My relationship with my mum is not perfect.

3) Mike says I have the same eyes and ears as my dad.

4) I have a good relationship with my brother.

5) My family lived in the same street as my brother's girlfriend.

6) I did not see my grandparents (Elsie and Albert) when I was

7) I really respected my grandmother (Elsie) .

8) My aunt Judy and her husband Peter are separated.


Royal Family Quiz

Answer the following questions in pairs:

1) Who does Elena look like? What things are similar?

2) Do you think that Felipe takes after the King or the Queen? What similar qualities do they have?

3) Do you think that Letizia gets on with Queen Sofia? Why/why not?

4)Who does Felipe look up to? Can he look up to his nephews? Why/why not?

5) Who did Felipe split up with before he met Letizia? Is it possible for Felipe to split up with his mother? Why/why not?

6) Did Felipe grow up with other boys in the royal family? Who?

7) Who looked after Felipe, Elena and Cristina when they were young?

8) Does Felipe fall out with his parents? Were they happy about his relationship with a

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