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Lexis: changing attitudes
by Jane Herbertson
- Lesson plan 3

& time

Stage 1
5 mins

Small groups
T monitors

Statement on OHP (40% of….. etc)
Check SS know meaning of income/elicit ideas
Ask for SS ideas (if SS don't know what money is spent on, QUICKLY supply food BRIEFLY Elicit SS reaction
SS discuss what they spend their money on
F/B & correction - from one member of group reporting highlights of discussion
To activate SS interest in topic
To activate schema
To encourage use of appropriate vocabulary
To give SS opportunity to speak
To help SS with errors

Stage 2
12 mins

T - SS

Reading (as jigsaw)
Tell SS they're going to read short extracts about different peoples' attitude to money
Put SS in pairs
As they read they have to fill in a chart - (H/o 1)
Explain how to complete: - top part with info about their 'person' - underneath select 2 new phrases connected to money eg lend me money - stressing that lend on its own in the text is largely meaningless- give eg of a non-money phrase eg get rid of (it's a good use of combining words to make a phrase but focus is on money phrases) - use dictionaries to complete the meaning - DON'T complete the 'how to use' columnTell SS they will be teaching the new expressions to other SS
Check instructions back with one student
Give each pair one reading extract between two
Give each pair two h/os for completion (with the same phrases)
SS carry out reading.
T helping & recording SS' phrases on OHT for later use
To change group dynamics
To give a further reason for reading
To extract detailed info.
To introduce everyday 'money' lexical items
To encourage noticing of lexical items as chunks
To give practice in dictionary use
To encourage more attention/accuracy
To ensure SS know what is required
To encourage collaboration
To provide SS with a record of new lexis

Stage 3
14 mins

T - SS
Group work

Peer teaching
Tell SS: - they will explain/teach the new expressions & meanings.
The SS in their group make a note of the new expressions on their h/os.
- When one St has passed on his/her information, next St continues
Check instructions back with one SS
Put SS into 2 groups - each SS has a different text A, B, C, D, ET monitors
To give opportunity to use today's lexical items
To share information
To check understanding
To change dynamics & give opportunity to learn from each other

Stage 4
12 mins

T - SS

Focus on usage of expressions
Using OHT show SS all their expressions
Focus how expressions can be used, eliciting SS ideas:Eg take out a loan (elicit whether it's flexible - can we put in a loan)- get by (on + SOMETHING) (my salary)
Write the grammar/usage of the lexis on the Wb - corresponding to the appropriate OHT phrase
To sum up this section: ask SS how we should record these items (NOT WORDS)/and what we should look for/listen for ie words as phrases.
Elicit/tell SS : - record as multi-words (doesn't make much sense alone) with their possible partners etc- use as multi-words 'I can't afford to…….go out tonight' - saves processing time- read/listen for them in this way (to make more sense of text)
To ensure SS have the phrases recorded correctly
To sensitise SS to the grammar/usage of multi words
To encourage SS to think about the advantages of using lexis in this way.

Stage 5
8 mins

St individually
T - SS

Lexis consolidation
Give SS H/os to complete individually with new lexis.
In the majority of cases there is not one 'right' answer.
Compare suggested completion phrases with partners.
If SS have not selected (and worked) on items - select them out.
If time running short, tell SS we'll work on the 'missed' sentences next class.
To consolidate knowledge
To give quiet period for reflection
To build SS confidence before whole class f/b

Stage 6
4 mins


Prep for role play
Divide SS into Mother/Father and Son/Daughter. If odd no. introduce a grandparent role to work as a 3.
Put each role together.
Tell them to prepare for the role play:- thinking about attitudes of speakers- reasons for asking, refusing, giving opinions- do they need any special language - persuading, refusing
Check back the instructions
Give them their roleplay cards
SS prepare
T monitors/offers help
To prepare for role play
To give St freer speaking practice
To ensure understanding

Stage 7
5 mins


Role play
Regroup students - carry out role play
Teacher monitors
Teacher gives feedback
To give SS chance to have fun
To give speaking practice with an opportunity to use new lexis

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