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The role of the teacher and the learner in the development of strategies and sub-skills to facilitate and enhance listening comprehension by Nicola Holmes

Lesson plan - 3 - materials

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Headway Upper intermediate pages 24 & 25
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For stage 1

Which age group(s) would you associate these words with?

fall in love
go to school
be born
grow up
go out a lot
get engaged
settle down
take up new hobbies
have a family retire
be promoted
be brought up
get married


For stage 6

The Second World War
political warfare
the enemy
an oath of secrecy
political warfare
naval intelligence
letters to her husband

For stage 9

- How did you feel when you were listening to the tape? Why?

- Which part of the listening was the easiest? Why?

- Which part was the most difficult? Why?

- What strategies can you use to help you when you're listening to a long conversation in English?


For stage 10

Listening Strategies

Talk about these strategies with your partner.
For each one, say:

- Do you do this?
- Do you think it's a good idea? Why(not)?

1. Relax and don't panic!

2. Remember that you don't need to understand every word - just try to listen for the most important words!

3. Prepare! If you know that you're going to watch a film, attend a meeting or listen to a speech or a radio programme in English, think about the subject and related vocabulary first!

4. Predict!What sort of things might the person talk What sort of vocabulary might they use?
about? What might they say next?

5. Guess! Try to guess from the context what an
unknown word means or what the general subject of a conversation is?

6. Anything else??


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