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Using the News in class by Katie Riley
Lesson plan 2

1. Warmer - To introduce the topic of the news. To use background knowledge to predict news content.

T asks sts if they have seen/ what items were in the news this weekend
T tells sts they are going to listen to the international news for early Saturday morning. Sts predict what the stories are.

whole class 5 mins

2. Prediction to give students some background information and to predict content.

Sts are given names of people/ places in the news. They talk about why they think they are significant.

groups std-std 5 mins

3. Vocabulary to work out the meaning of certain vocabulary items from context

Sts are given sentences containing words which are important in order to get a general idea of the news bulletin. They try and work out the meaning of the words from context.

pairs std-std 5 mins

4. Matching exercise to give feedback on the previous exercise.

Sts are given the same words and definitions on pieces of paper. They match them up and see if they were correct or not.

std-std 5 mins

5. Listening to listen for the main idea

Sts listen to the News bulletin and decide what the main headlines are. They discuss.They decide which news item the above vocabulary goes with.

groups std-std 10 mins

6. Discussion to practice talking about the news.

Sts discuss which stories are of interest to them and why.

pairs std-std 5 mins

7. Explanation to make explicit to students why they are doing the following activity

Ask students how they listen when they listen to the news. Elicit that they probably pay little attention to some items and a lot of attention to those which interest them.

whole class std-std 2 mins

8. Prediction

Sts predict priority of items in the second broadcast.

9. 2nd listening - To listen for changes in news content and for specific information in certain areas.

Tell sts they are going to listen to a second news bulletin one hour later. They focus on 1 or two items that interest them, and make more detailed notes on these items, paying little attention to the rest. They also check their predictions about changes to the order of the bulletin.

whole class 8 mins

10. Discussion to practice talking about the news in an authentic way

Sts tell their partner about the item which interested them/ changes in order etc

pairs std-std 5 mins

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