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Using the News in class by Katie Riley
Lesson plan 3

These people were in the news this weekend. Do you know why?

1. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf
2. French president Jacques Chirac
3. Li Shaomin, an American of Chinese origin
4. A man from California, who was involved in a road collision.
5. Moslems in Bosnia Herzogovina
6. Japanese Coast guard officials.
7. A giant Russian cargo plane.

1.The NATO summit will be held in Rome this year.
2. An atmosphere of sleaze surrounded the government.
3. This will be the subject of his Bastille day address.
4. I grabbed him by the neck.
5. The youths hurled stones at the police.
6. I was cooking in the kitchen when suddenly the pan burst into flames.
7. A New Zealand Navy Vessel
8. He took out his rage on the boy because he was the easiest target
9. He used to be mayor of Paris
10. The Titanic sank


Summit (Nn)

A meeting at which the leaders of 2 or more countries discuss important matters.


Activities considered to be dishonest/ immoral (especially politics)

Address (Nn)


Grab (vb)

To pick up something suddenly

Hurl (vb)

To throw violently

To burst into flames

To suddenly start burning fiercly.

Vessel (Nn)

A ship or large boat.

Mosque (Nn)

A building where moslems worship.

Rage (Nn)

Intense anger/ fury


The civic head of a municipal corporation.

Sink (sank, sunk)

To disappear below the surface of the water

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