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Peer Editing, a GOOD Idea?
by Zainab Al Balushy
- 4

Students' questionnaire

1) Do you like to peer edit?
a) Yes 85
b) Why?
• It helps me recognize my mistakes
• I avoid those mistakes the next time
• To share ideas with my partner
• I can notice my own mistakes
• I practice to notice the mistakes
• Students feel confident when they check each others' mistakes
• Students can see their level in writing and how much they know in grammar
• It makes us feel like we are teachers
• It prepares us for higher levels
• It provides chances for communication with peers
• We get an experience in editing
• I remember my mistakes
• I get help to fix my mistakes
• We get more ideas about the topic
• We encounter various thinking ways
• We become more sociable
• We learn new information
• I like it when someone tells me my mistakes
• It builds strong relationships
• It allows us to correct our mistakes before the teacher sees them
• It helps me improve my writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar and spelling
• We get to know the differences between each other
• It makes me try to improve
• It creates competition between us
• We exchange information
• We learn the things we should focus on
• We know others' mistakes
• It helps us to edit our writing in exams
• It helps us to get good marks
• It helps the writers know their weaknesses
• It feels good to help others
• We get to know the formal criteria for writing
• It helps me submit a better essay to my teacher
• It helps us to think about sentence structures
• I will learn how to find out my own mistakes
• We are the same age, we feel comfortable
• I trust that my friend will find my mistakes and help me correct them
• Learn new information
c) No 15
d) Why not?
• I don't like other students to know my mistakes
• The editing could be wrong
• The teacher will not know my exact level in writing and hence will not help me
• Students sometimes have the same mistakes
• It is better done by the teacher
• We are all in the same level
• It sometimes makes me confused
• It takes a long time
• They sometimes mark new words as mistakes just because they are new to them
• It makes you feel board
• Students have the same mind, so they can not notice mistakes
• Some students feel shy and embarrassed
• It is a hard work
• My partner does not have a lot of experience
• I don't trust other students
• I sometimes know more than my partner, so I do not benefit
• I do not want people to copy my way of writing
• Sometimes the editor makes you change an idea that you like
• They do not find all my mistakes

2) Do you trust the editor?

a) Yes 80
b) Why?
• I know that he can help me
• We like each other
• I know that his level is higher than mine
• They are responsible to find the mistakes so they will do their best
• I choose my editor
• He is my friend
• Because he will also benefit
• He will find my mistakes to challenge me
• I know he will be honest
c) No 20
d) Why not?
• They make a lot of mistakes
• They do not know how to check my work
• I know that my writing is correct
• Sometimes they will pretend mistakes
• They are students like us
• Sometimes editors do not want someone to better than they are
• They can make mistakes in my writing if they are at a lower level than mine
• Maybe he does not like me
• They have a different way of thinking
• They do not understand what I mean
• They are students not teachers
• They do not care about my writing
• They feel reluctant to tell me my mistakes
• They think I will not like them any more

3) What do you learn from peer editing?

• Different kinds of mistakes
• New vocabulary items
• Some grammar rules
• Correct way of writing
• Being careful not to make a lot of mistakes
• Our spelling weak points
• Working with others
• How to find our mistakes
• The correct spelling
• The correct grammar rules
• Short forms of some words and phrases
• Dealing with mistakes
• Fixing mistakes
• How to write without mistakes
• Respecting others' opinions
• Checking our mistakes in a grammar book
• Correct use of dictionary
• Focusing while writing
• Not doing the same mistakes again
• To study hard and be quiet in class
• Learning from my partner's mistakes
• The skill of editing
• cooperation
• Using paraphrasing
• How to organize our essays
• To figure out our weaknesses in writing
• Learning responsibility
• No one is perfect
• How the teacher corrects our mistakes
• Not being shy when others find our mistakes
• Sharing our ideas
• How to write good essays
• Making new friends
• Confidence
• New information
• People's opinions about my work
• Producing a lot in a short time
• Not to trust everyone's opinions
• New sentence structures
• Respecting each other
• Making good discussions
• How to manage our time
• To pay more attention when I write
• Synonyms and antonyms and different versions of words
• Finding my own mistakes by myself the next time
• Reasons behind our mistakes
• The different kinds of mistakes students make
• How to work in a group
• How easy it is to make mistakes
• Being honest to people

4) How often do you want to do it?
a) Once per assignment 66
c) Once per semester 27
c) Never 7
5) Would you prefer to choose your editor?
a) Yes 77
b) Why?
• I choose someone I know their level
• I know the good editors in the class
• They have good writing skills
• I will choose a higher level editor than my level
• Best editor means best editing
• I learn more things from the good editor
• I will choose a person I trust will tell me my mistakes
• I will choose the one who will help me get good marks for my writing
• I will choose someone I know and understand
• I will choose one who knows my skills
• I will choose an optimistic editor
• I will choose an honest and serious editor
• I will choose someone who likes me
• Because he will improve my work
• My best friend will help me more than others
• A good editor will influence me to be a good writer
c) No 26
d) Why not?
• Not everybody knows how to edit
• Some editors are better than other ones
• Some students are not confident enough
• Some students do not want anyone to be as good as they are or better than them
• Choosing the person makes me very nervous about my mistakes
• I do not want the same editor all the time
• You learn a lot of things from different editors
• It is better to be in different experiences
• It does not matter with me
• If the editor is not my friend, he will be serious
• It is better not to know the editor until they finish the editing
• You might choose someone to cover your mistakes and not tell you about them
• The student who does not know me will help me more
• We are all the same level and we make the same mistakes
• It could hurt other students' feelings if I do not choose them
• To maintain the trust and the positive feelings among the classmates
• Any student can see my mistakes
• Because all the students are my friends
• I do not know the level of my classmates
• He might be nice to me because I chose him and feel shy to show me my mistakes
• The assignment will be marked by the teacher at the end

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