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Demystifying the ‘horrible phrasals’: a closer look
at learner problems and the ways of approaching
teaching multi-word verbs
by Małgorzata Bryndal
- 9

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1. fill in - mp3

Filling in forms is really hard.  I hate all the questions they ask.  But you've got to fill them in to get the job.  It's hard work though.  I look at my CV and copy things from there.

2.  dress up - mp3

Well, I suppose it does depend on the job itself.  You need to wear clothes that will fit the job really.  But I think it's important to give good impression and to dress up at times and look the part really for the job; and that gives a professional image.

3. slack off - mp3

 If you don't work as hard as you should, then it does mean that you could get into trouble because people think that you're slacking off and not doing the work that you're supposed to do; so it means they have to do other work because you're slacking off all the time.

4.  look for - mp3

When I decide to look for a job, the first place I tend to look is the local newspaper.  Usually on a Thursday evening, because that's when the education jobs and the majority of jobs are in the paper.  Sometimes I'll use the Internet, or my previous job I actually took students to the job centre and whilst there I looked for jobs myself.

5.  take on - mp3

I was really pleased and very surprised when the boss rang me to tell me they wanted to take me on.  It was 10 o'clock of an evening and I didn't expect to hear until the following day.  I just finished up teaching the class which finished at 9 o'clock and so just after  I got home I got the phone call.

6. get on with - mp3

I do think it's very important to get on well with your boss, because they are the person that's going to help you with your problems and if you need advice about something; so you really must work hard at the relationship to start with and then that way if you do have any problems or want a promotion or a pay rise then you won't have any problems.

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