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Dubravka Celinšek and Irena Kuštrin
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Writing a report – team work

  • As students have gathered enough information, they will have to translatetheir ideas into written form. In order to do this succesfully, they need to be aware of: the purpose of their writing, their audience, the elements of the report, the way of presenting information and finding, the length of the report, the date of its submission. They should also need to make effective use of the minutes and the studied literature, referencing and citing the consulted sources properly.
  • Writing a report is a carefully planned process, and its draft might need to be rewritten several times before the report is completed. Writing enables students or teams, respectively to discover and evaluate their thoughs. Therefore, it also means rewriting, revising, rethinking (Kolin 2001, 38). After finishing their research, teams plan, draft, revise, and finally edit their reports.
  • Writing a report in PBL is team work. Each member is responsible for the success of the report and should equally contribute to the process of writing.

Presenting in teams

This is the final part of the project in which the problem, research and findings are presented to fellow students and teachers. The message should be clear and well organized, presented in an interesting and enthusiastic way.

When presenting orally, students should be aware of:

  • maintaining the contact with the audience(teachers and fellow students)
  • choosing appropriate contentaccording to the audience's needs, knowledge, interests, expectations
  • making effective use of their voice and pace of speech
  • using appropriate language (N.B. spoken language is not the same as written)
  • organizing the presentation, signposting
  • presenting visual aids
  • predicting possible questions from the audience and preparing possible answers

As students present their research and solutions in a team, the coherence of the team is essential – there should not be several individual presentations but one, jointly presented by several members. The language of linking and handing over to peer presenters should be pretaught.

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