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Developing Effective Reading in Exam Classes by Jeanette Corbett -
lesson plan 3


1.Settling in
5 mins
Tch - stds
-Settling in
-Generate interest in the lesson
-Create a purpose for the class, as outlined on the menu
1.Stds arrive and chat to the teacher
2.Open class, stds talk about the previous lesson
3.Tch outlines the aim of the lesson: to develop their understanding of texts.

2. Speaking: Narrative texts
5 mins
Std - std
-Revise reading strategies, highlighted in previous lessons
-Allow stds to summarise strategies
1.In pairs stds discuss reading problems. How would they overcome it?
2.Feedback open class, on key problems

3. Reading 1: Gist
5 mins
-Allow stds to identify the text type and their linguistic expectations
-Allow stds to confirm their expectations about the text
-Practise reading for gist
1.Tch distributes text and answers stds to identify the text type and the reasons for their choice
2.Std read the text and answer questions attached (ex. 1)
3.Feedback open class

4. Reading 2: Sentence summaries
10 mins
Std - std
-Practise summary skills, using evidence in the text and inferring meaning
1.Stds complete ex.2
2.Feedback in pairs, justifying their choice of words

5. Reading 3: Understanding meaning
25 mins
Std - std
-Develop stds understanding of meaning in the text by focusing on the use of a word or phrase
-Allow stds to evaluate the activity and its usefulness
1.In pairs, stds complete 1st question is completed open class
2.Tch monitors to provide explanation as and when required.
3.Feedback open class and students evaluate its usefulness
Tch informs stds of the source of the extract.

6. Open cloze
20 mins
-Develop std awareness of genre. Activate their expectations of the text
-Allow stds to demonstrate their understanding by transferring information from the text to the letter, developing their skills of inference and comprehension.
-Develop stds skill of self-assessment as to their interpretation of the text.
1.Stds read the text and define the type and author.
2.Using information provided in the previous stage, stds complete the open cloze text (ex.. 4)
3.Stds compare in pairs then against the model letter. Stds assess their performance

15 mins
Std - std
-Develop stds conversational skills, using assigned roles and information in the text
-Allow stds to assess language used and the effectiveness of their role
1.Tch distributes role cards per students.
2.In pairs, stds role-play a conversation between their assigned characters, using text for information.
3.Feedback open class on language used and error correction if required

8. Closing
5 mins
Tch - stds
-Allow stds and tch to reflect on the class
1.Class feedback on the lesson and allocation of homework: Write a 50 word summary of Charlie's character using evidence from the text and what they can infer

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