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Dealing with complexity in Part 2 of the Speaking exam at Cambridge Certificate in
Advanced English (CAE) level
by Sandra Bradwell
- appendix 1

Appendix 1

Transcript from an interview prepared in class. Notice the hesitation and pausing in Student B's contribution.


A: Hi

B: Hi How do you do? Sit down please. We have your …we have erm we have erm read your CV and we think we have er an interview. What kind er..of studies er… have you done? What have you studied?

A: Hmm well, I'm actually still studying and on the third course of er English Phililogy and well this degree lasts er 5 years so I'm in the middle of the degree.

B: and erm what were your favourite subjects in your degree?

A: Well the subjects are mainly divided into two areas, Literature and Linguistics. Well er I personally prefer Literature and everything related also History or er languages like er linguistics I don't like them very much.

B: Hmm and er what er is your work experience because you haven't detailed er anything in this …in this area?

A: Hmmm well er ..related to my degree I have taught er well 3 years ago I taught a boy erm er Spanish languages classes and er.. er this year I'm also ….. to a girl English language so …

B: and erm thinking in the future why do you think it's interesting for you to work as a tourist guide?

A: erm ..hmm can you ..can you repeat the question please?

B: Why do you think it's interesting for you the work of a tourist guide?

A: Well, I really like travelling and making trips abroad so wherever I go to visit a place I see the tourist guides.. working and I really like er.. er showing others what I know about a place or the ….. of something I think it's very interesting and very beautiful also because it's a thing you love and show to the others so …

B: And er related to your personality? What do you think , are your best qualities?

A: er....well one thing that I think is very important that I'm very hard-working and also responsible and constant in my work because well I think it's very important because I try to work as best I can so I'm perfectionist and I think being constant is ....important because you have to... to… to prove you can work er well er in any situation…so another thing I work do is that I think I'm tolerant and open-minded so er if in this work we have to.. to treat with people from many different countries members and I think it's important to understand their cultures and respect them and to be tolerant.

B: er right..right..what about hobbies. Do you like sport, reading movies…. movies ...TV?

A: I love reading and writing also and I.. I really like theatre and cinema..going to the theatre and cinema and also playing theatre ..I have played some plays when I was in High School. I made some plays. I also like practising sports like swimming or ….. whenever I have free time.

B: And er what about..what are your favourite reading or your favourite kind of books. Do you like er novels or … or … or economic treatises?

A: I prefer reading prose than theatre or poetry because it's I poetry think for example maybe it's very interesting but it's sometimes it's a little bit boring so I like er adventure novels or romantic novels also I like well when you read erm stories that where the characters erm express their feelings and so …. stories.

B: Do you like… do you usually read newspapers?

A: er I try to read a bit erm of I mean when I have time I try to to read some news because I I don't usually have time to read it.. er erm er I don't have much time so I just read some news but …

B: What is your favourite newspaper?

A: Er..

B: 20 minutes? El Pais? Marca?

A: I prefer El Pais but I normally read 20 minutes because it's free and I when I go er by underground they give it to us so you can read in the underground and ..

B: Er what about your family? Are you …Do you live alone or do you live with your family?

A: I live with my parents and my sister. Well we are twins so er we have always been very erm close to each other erm because we have the same age and we have always been to the same class and high school well not University but we have the same friends so we get on very well and..

B: well and erm ...10 minutes finish? OK? I think it's very interesting and erm erm perhaps we....we will call you in the next week OK? So thank you very much for your time and have a nice day.

A: You too …nice to meet you.

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