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Dealing with complexity in Part 2 of the Speaking exam at Cambridge Certificate in
Advanced English (CAE) level
by Sandra Bradwell
- appendices 3 & 4

Appendix 3

Prompts to compare and contrast pictures.

Picture 1

Ploughed, muddy field
A furrow at an interview
Machine candidates
Metal detector obviously nervous
Heavy winter coat serious look
Coin /medal

Picture 2

In his forties/fifties
Concentrating on sth offer a position
Efforts obviously pay off she'll take the job


..looks quite cool about it!

he seems quite pleased with himself.

They're really excited about ….

She looks absolutely thrilled!

She's over the moon!

Appendix 4

Speaking Part 2 - Evaluation sheet


++ Very good
+ Satisfactory
_ Could be better

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
José Luis
Speaker 3
Speaker 4
Speaker 5
Speaker 6
Follow the instructions and do exactly what they are asked                  
Use a good range of grammar                  

Use a good range of vocabulary
Sound interested and involved in what they are saying                  
Speak clearly without too much hesitation                  
Speak for one minute                               

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