Dealing with complexity in Part 2 of the Speaking exam at Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) level
by Sandra Bradwell
- lesson procedure

Stages & timing







7 mins


t - ss

ss - t

whole group

1.       Ss arrive and chat about week

2.       T outlines the aim of the lesson: to practise their speaking skills for Paper 5 Part 2 of CAE exam

3.       Ss describe what involved in Part 2

4.       Ss read details on OHP to confirm

Find out what ss have been doing

To inform ss of lesson content

To generate interest in lesson

To share knowledge and inform new students in group of what involved

To provide clear  written description, avoid ambiguity

menu on board

OHP transparency


10 mins

3 groups

3 groups

ss - ss

t -ss

t -ss

1.       Group students

2.       Ss stand up. Hand out vocabulary prompts. They look at pictures, discuss what they have in common attach expressions where appropriate.

3.       Feedback – compare, order, drill

4.       Hand out worksheet.

5.       What do pictures have in common?

To involve all students

To introduce/consolidate vocabulary of positive feelings, modifiers/intensifiers

To provide visual context for vocabulary

To give opportunity to move around - late/tired

To check and provide opportunity for practising pronunciation

To provide record

To lead into next stage

F/C on wall

vocab prompts

9 music




10 mins


t - ss

1.       Ss speak in pairs about the last time they had a piece of really good news: what was it? How did they feel?

Back of worksheet (remind ss to use language for involving listener and showing interest when listening)

2.       Feedback

To share experiences and involve ss in topic

To develop fluency  while relating personal


To practise active listening skills

To encourage active use of variety of

expressions and vocabulary

To comment on expressions heard


9 music



10 mins




1.       Pair students (A/ E/Est/M/P)

2.       Remind ss of language for describing location: foreground, background, top, bottom OHP

       Hand out picture to each student. Ss take turns to  

      describe and draw.

      Give 3 min time limit each.

3.       Ss compare visuals

To vary pairs and pair students with a person who prepared FCE

To practise language of location, describing, paraphrasing, approximation

To activate some language for task stage 8

To introduce visuals in creative way

To introduce element of fun

To evaluate success of task

5 sets colour visuals

9 music


rough paper


OHP transparency


10 mins

t - ss


ss – t

t -ss

1.       NB language of description but also language for comparing, contrasting as in FCE

2.       Ss brainstorm language for comparing/contrasting

3.       Feedback

4.       Compare with prompts on wall

To remind ss of key language, lead into next activity

To encourage ss to share ideas

To share expressions

To provide record

9 music


prompts on poster covered on wall


7 mins



whole group

1.        9Hand out evaluation sheet. Ss listen to Proficiency ss performing CAE task

       Listen to instructions and evaluate performance

2.        Ss share ideas

3.        Feedback – who was better? why?

To train ss to listen carefully to instructions

To check ss understand instructions

To provide sample of what expected

To provide opportunity for ss to evaluate task

To provide ss with evaluation criteria

To encourage ss to share and compare ideas

To comment on performance

visuals as above

evaluation sheet

9 home-made cassette

1 min-timer


8 mins



t – ss


1.   9 2 Ss listen again with gapped transcript to focus

       on  key language

2.   Ss compare expressions

3.   Feedback OHP

4.        Look at transcript to evaluate task – did ss complete task? Can ss detect any mistakes?

5.        Feedback

To listen for specific expressions

To work together to share knowledge

To provide a record

To encourage students to give opinions and be critical

9  home-made cassette

gapped transcript

OHP transparency


5 mins


1.  Ss prepare task

     (Remind ss to use at least one expression for 

     comparing/ contrasting from prompts)

To encourage ss to work together on task

To give time for planning task

visuals as above

9 music 2

post-its (hot correction)


15 mins


whole group

whole group

1.    Ss in group of 3: examiner, 2 students


2.    Ss perform demonstration (tape) while other ss 

      evaluate performance

3.   Feedback

To role play specific exam practice for part 2 of Paper 5

To provide opportunity for ss to perform/evaluate task

To comment on performance

role card

visuals as above

9 blank cassette

evaluation sheet

1 min-timer


Collect in /give out homework

1.       Worksheet /Visuals: Encourage ss to do task on cassette

2.       SB page 98 ex. 3

3.       Maximiser  unit 9 page 71

To offer opportunity for ss to practise in stress free situation

To consolidate expressions, task






Flashcards of people receiving good news, looking happy
Flashcards -  3 sets of colour photocopied pictures from Student book pages 98/99
Colour pictures to do homework task
Poster (covered to be revealed in stage 5) language for comparing/contrasting
Vocabulary cues
Pairing activity cues - names of students who have done FCE
Worksheet -  vocabulary in order of intensity
Worksheet -  telling anecdotes - useful language
Worksheet -  evaluation sheet
Worksheet -  gapped transcript of tape
Worksheet -  role card of examiner
Worksheet -  information / advice / homework task speaking Part 2
Worksheet -  useful language speaking Part 2
Transparency -  Part 2 Speaking
Transparency - Describing Location
Transparency - transcript
Classical music blank cassette
Rough paper


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