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- lesson plan 3


For use in stage 1

Which of the expressions would you associate with a parent? Which would you associate with a teenager? Put them into the correct column in the table. Some may be both.







shout     take exams    eats lots of snacks and junk food

nag     ask lots of questions       feel paranoid   

talk about snogging girls/boys    mumble        

think life is unfair     be chatty

get easily embarrassed     think a lot of music sucks

have the patience of a saint         

be rude to some people and polite to others

For use in stage 2


1. Do you have good or bad memories of when you were a teenager? Can you remember how
you felt?
2. What was your relationship like with your parents and your friends?
3. What things were you 'into' when you were a teenager? Music? The opposite sex? School?
4. Did your parents have to nag you to do things like tidy your bedroom or do your homework? Did you do what you were told or were you a rebel?
5. Would you like to re-live your teenage years? Why/not?


You are going listen to Kevin and Perry talking again. Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions.

What does Kevin moan about?
Kevin and f'erry: The stroppy teenagers.


F: Alright Kev?
K: No. I'm bloody not. I hate my parents - they're so bloody annoying. They do my bloody head in.
F: Yeah.
K: You're never gonna believe this but I can't go out tonight. My dad, bloody bastard, said I had to stay in to do my homework. I couldn't believe my bloody ears! And then, as if that wasn't enough, he said that I had to tidy my bloody bedroom.
F: No!
K: I mean, can you imagine? The next thing he'll say is I have to have a bloody shower every day.
F: No way!
K: And then, to add insult to injury, he said to turn down my bloody music!
F: He never!
K: Yeah, and it was Britney Spears. It was bloody unbelievable! And do you know what happened next?
F: What?
K: Bloody mum came in and said that she had invited bloody Gemma. the girl next door, to have tea with us tomorrow.
F: Not Gemma!
K: Yeah, and guess what?
F: What?
K: Mum said Gemma wanted to be my girlfriend. Just imagine - me and Gemma!
F: God no!
K: Oh it's all so bloody unfair. Anyway - gotta go. See ya later.
F: Yeah, later.

For use in stage 3

Telling a story or presenting facts in an interesting or dramatic way

You'll never believe this/it, but

This is hard to believe, but

Believe it or not ...

Can you imagine (could come after the 'interesting' fact)

And just imagine! Imagine my surprise when

I couldn't believe my eyes!ears!

Do you know what happened to me/us etc yesterday /the other day?

(And then) do you know what he said/did?

Guess what!! You'll never guess what

And you know what?

And then, to add insult to injury

As if that wasn't enough, then

For use in stage 4

Sample dialogue

Pat: I've had an awful morning!
Doreen: Oh dear. Come and have a cup of tea and tell me all about it.
Pat: Well, I went to the cleaner's to pick up my dress and they said it won't be ready until tomorrow! Then when I got back to the car, a traffic warden was putting a ticket on it. £25!
Doreen: Oh no! Poor you!

New version
Pat: You'll never believe what an awful morning I've had!
Doreen: Oh, really . .
Pat: First I went to the cleaner's to pick up my dress, and guess what? It won't be ready till tomorrow! And you know what happened then? When I got back to the car I couldn't believe my eyes. A traffic warden was putting a ticket on it! £25! Can you imagine?
Doreen: I see . .

For use in stage 5

-Parents away for weekend
-Have a party
-Destroyed house




-Go to summer school
-Awful teachers
-Meet the love of your life
-Friday night
-12 cans of cider and half a bottle of vodka
  -Hot date with boy/girl from school
- Half way through realise s/he's hideous
-Escape plan
- Decide to skip school
-Get caught by headmaster
-Get punished
  -Go to concert of favourite group
-Backstage pass
-Meet famous people

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