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Introducing Voice-Setting Phonology by Sarn Rich
- lesson plan 3


1. Recording ('Opening Strategies' Unit 2) of 5 short extracts in German, English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

2. 4 questions:

- How do you feel when you hear somebody mispronouncing Spanish?
- Which sounds in Spanish do foreigners mispronounce? Why?
- Which sounds in English do you find difficult to pronounce?
- Can you think of any English words or phrases which sound
typically English?

3. Model for short autobiography (Taylor 1993:20)

My name is _________ I was born in _________________ and I live in__________ . I have __________ brothers and __________ sisters. The things I_________. The things I like most are _________________________________ . The things I don't like very much are ____________________________ .

4. Two lists of 'bilingual minimal pairs' (from an idea in Bowen and Marks 1992:21)

English Spanish English Spanish
direction central cathedral hotel metro patio café bar casino beige
direccion central catédral hotel metro patio café bar casino beige
menu asparagus melon cauliflower
kilo indigestion
infection nausea football tennis
menú espárragos melón
kilo indigestión
infección naúsea fútbol

5. Video: 'Secrets and Lies', in English with English subtitles ('Speak up') - very brief extract, of Maurice arriving at his sister's door.

6. Emotions written on bits of paper:

bored     happy      shocked       affectionate

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