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Webquests - an experiment
by James Frith
- 6

Lesson Plan - the preliminary information

Time: 60 minutes

Level: Upper-Intermediate

Timetable Fit: As part of a summer course with a focus on conversation, this will be free-standing project work.

Main aims:
i)Develop communicative skills through provision of useful language
ii)Students transform information to produce a final product

Subsidiary aims:
i) Develop reading sub-skills
ii)Provide opportunities for reflection through writing, peer evaluation and self-evaluation and encourage these techniques as autonomous learning tools

Assumed Knowledge: I assume that the students have at least basic computer skills, including internet and word processing skills and a familiarity with Windows operating systems or that if not, at least one member of each group will. Groups will be carefully selected taking this into account. Students shouldn’t have problems with creating a floor plan of a house or flat.

Anticipated Problems and Solutions: Students may be reluctant to use language provided in discussion activities. Some ‘thinking time’ may help focus here.

Also, students may find it difficult to agree on criteria or properties. Time limits will have to be set with majority decisions being made if all else fails.

Links to websites will need to be checked before the class to make sure that they are still online and up-to-date.

Computer connections may be slow. Some activities may have to be cut short or limited. In the worst case scenario the lesson may need to be postponed, for which I will need an alternative plan up my sleeve.

Students may well find it unusual and therefore difficult to evaluate each other’s work. Clear criteria need to be set and time needs to be given.

Computers with internet access and connected to colour printer
Card on which to mount floor plan and explanatory text
Webquest (available for ss on desktop)
take a look at : (patience and low security settings required!)
- or try to get there via the links page on the hosting site:

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