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The first quarter of an hour nearly completely belongs to the students as far as speaking is concerned.

3/. Presentation and appropriation of a new function: (about 12 minutes)

The “key-moment” of the lesson with one particular challenge: how to make understanding and speaking easy in such a short time!

- Contents (most of the time): 1 question (Where’s Sally / Mickey?) + 1 answer (Sally / Mickey’s in the…) + vocabulary (in general 5 to 7 new words, here 7 rooms).

The three components of the function should be introduced successively like three different toolsbefore being used simultaneously.

Teachers often consider wrongly that vocabulary is the easiest part. They should remember children have to memorize it, which requires a special effort from them and specific teaching strategies. Orally, a structure is as easy to learn as a simple word, it’s just a bit longer to repeat.

- A teacher-centred moment because teachers provide the input, which doesn’t mean they speak all the time.

- Teachers use visual aids to help students understand the language, then have them repeat it, and finally use it in interaction.

In the example, when a student answers : “I live in a house”, the teacher says : “I live in a house too. Come and visit it…” and shows Scan 7…

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