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Young Learners : step by step
on the road to autonomy
Pierre Pinet
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This means that the first component will be the vocabulary :

- teacher starts counting and students go on until number 7. Then teacher gives new word “ROOMS” and has some students repeat it.

- the first four words ending in “room” are introduced, mimed and repeated, and then discriminated (listen to the words, “do them” and repeat them…)

- the last four words ( very similar to the French ones) are finally introduced and easily memorized.

The second component will be the question :

- teacher covers document 7 and introduces two characters (see Scan 6 ), then asks students to close their eyes…

- while children have their eyes closed, teacher hides Sally in the house and asks students to re-open their eyes and a new visual aid appears (see Scan 5).

- teacher introduces “Where’s Sally?”, acts as if looking for her, repeats the question and has students memorize it.

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