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Developing recommends the following books & journals. They are divided into several broad sections;

for the newcomer
about learning, the brain & memory
for the more experienced teacher
for the teacher trainer
books on coaching

The books have been chosen using our experience
with a variety of training courses & have all proved
to be insightful & relevant.

If you are looking for a book on an area that is not
included below then do contact us & we will
recommend a suitable title.

The secret to reading is to read what you are
interested in rather than plough through something
because you think it is good for you.
Happy reading!

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A book may occasionally not be available at one site
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Reading for the ELT newcomer

•••••••••• Practical Teaching ••••••••••

Teaching Practice Handbook
R.Gowers & S.Walters (Heinemann)

Classroom Dynamics
J.Hadfield (OUP)

The Practice of English Language Teaching
J.Harmer (Longman)

Ways of Doing
Davis et al (CUP)

Learner Autonomy
Ágota Scharle & Anita Szabó (CUP)

David & Rinvolucri (CUP)

P.Grundy (OUP)

Using the Mother Tongue
S.Deller & M.Rinvolucri (Delta)

Meanings & Metaphors
Gillian Lazar (CUP)

Lessons From Nothing

Bruce Marsland (CUP)

Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom
Jane Sherman (CUP)

Personalising Language Learning
G.Griffiths & K.Keohane (CUP)

700 Classroom Activities
David Seymour & Maria Popova
(Macmillan ELT)

•••••••••• Language Awareness ••••••••••

Practical English Usage M. Swan (Oxford)

Real English Grammar: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate  
Hester Lott
(Marshall Cavendish)

Learner English
M.Swan & B.Smith (CUP)

About Language
S.Thornbury (CUP)

Uncovering Grammar
S.Thornbury (Macmillan Heinemann)

Grammar for English Language Teachers
M.Parrott (CUP)

Alive to Language
V.Arndt, P.Harvey, J.Nuttall (CUP)

Working With Words
R.Gairns & S.Redman (CUP)

•••••••••• Pronunciation Work ••••••••••

Sound Foundations
A.Underhill (Heinemann)

Speaking Clearly
P.Rogerson & J.Gilbert (CUP)

Pronunciation Practice Activities

M. Hewings (CUP)

Pronunciation Games
M.Hancock (CUP)

English Pronunciation In Use
M.Hancock (CUP)

•••••••••• Speaking Skill ••••••••••

R.Nolasco & L.Arthur (OUP)

Discussions That Work
P.Ur (CUP)

C.Wessels (OUP)

G.Porter-Ladousse (OUP)

•••••••••• Listening Skill ••••••••••

Teaching Listening Comprehension
P.Ur (CUP)

•••••••••• Reading Skill ••••••••••

Developing Reading Skills
F.Grellet (CUP)

Class Readers
J.Greenwood (OUP)

•••••••••• Writing Skill ••••••••••

P.Hedge (OUP)

•••••••••• Teaching the Younger Learner ••••••••••

Young Learners
S.Phillips (OUP)

Drama with Children
S.Philips (OUP)

Teaching Languages to Young Learners
Y.Cameron (CUP)

Creating Stories with Children
A.Wright (OUP)

Language Activities for Teenagers

S.Lindstromberg (CUP)

•••••••••• Teaching One-to-One ••••••••••

One to One - A teachers' handbook
P.Wilberg (LTP)

•••••••••• Teaching Business English ••••••••••

Teach Business English
S.Donna (CUP)

Cambridge Business English Activities

Cordell (CUP)

•••••••••• Teaching Exam Classes ••••••••••

Exam Classes
P.May (OUP)

•••••••••• Music in the Classroom ••••••••••

Music & Song
T.Murphey (OUP)

Musical Openings
D.Cranmer & C.Laroy (Longman)

•••••••••• Storytelling ••••••••••

Once Upon A Time
Morgan & Rinvolucri (CUP)

•••••••••• The internet ••••••••••
The Internet
by S.Windeatt, D.Hardisty
& D.Eastment
aa aa

•••••••••• Visuals ••••••••••
Working With Images
by Ben Goldstein

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