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This is a section of the site connected to phonology. It consists of awareness for teachers as well as practical ideas to help develop students' listening & pronunciation in the classroom. This section will be added to from time to time.

Index of Phonology-related pages
Voice-setting/quality article & lesson plan by Sarn Rich


English Pronunciation in Use: Elementary - J.Marks (CUP)

English Pronunciation in Use. Advanced - M.Hewings (CUP)

English Pronunciation In Use: Intermediate - M.Hancock (CUP)

Sound Foundations - Adrian Underhill (Heinemann)

Pronunciation Practice Activities - M. Hewings (CUP)

Pronunciation Games - M.Hancock (CUP)

Speaking Clearly - P.Rogerson & J.Gilbert (CUP)


A few phonology-related links
Richard Cauldwell's site of articles & research
IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group site. Phonetic Resources
The International Phonetic Association.
Lots of listening - free & for members.
Pron stuff from
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - lots of listening for you &
your students to explore.
A Vulcan Academy Linguistics Department Web Booklet

If you know of any useful phonology-related sites please do let us know.

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