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Bindu Grover's
Conversation skills
lesson plan
- 3


Speaking skills rubric

Oral presentation rubric

Title Observer



good ok not strong


Good preparation

Clear introduction - what will it be about      
Clear structure      
Good length - includes detail but is not too long      


Good volume - can be heard clearly

Clear voice - can make out every word      
Good eye contact - does not read from a paper, though might use notes as prompts      
Good pace not too fast or too slow      
Use fillers to gain time whilst responding      


Good conclusion - sums up

Personal comment      
Involves audience - responds      


  1 2 3 4  
Listener focuses attention on speaker None of the time Some of the time Most of the time All of the time  
Listener responds appropriately to the speaker. Demonstrated by body language, laughter &/or silence. None of the time Some of the time Most of the time All of the time  
During the activity, the listener is able to: Understand relevant details; ask questions for clarification, take turns to get engaged in the discussion Some of the time Most of the time All of the time  
Total points

Self-evaluation questions

Thinking about what happens when we are listening
• What really made you engage in listening?
• What did you find difficult while you were listening to someone?
• What helped you when something got tricky about listening and you required a clarification?
• What do you need more help with understanding when someone is speaking?
• How would you change your speaking so that others can understand you better?


Pictures from the video for the prediction task







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