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Talk Talk Talk Talk
talk - vb

1. articulate, chat, chatter, communicate, converse, crack (Scot.), express oneself, gab (Inf.), give voice to, gossip, natter, prate, prattle, rap (Sl.), say, speak, spout, utter, verbalize, witter (Inf.)
2. chew the rag or fat (Sl.), confabulate, confer, have a confab (Inf.), hold discussions, negotiate, palaver, parley
3. blab, crack, give the game away, grass (Brit. sl.), inform, reveal information, shop (Sl., chiefly Brit.), sing (Sl., chiefly U.S.), spill one's guts (Sl.), spill the beans (Inf.), squeak (Inf.), squeal (Sl.), tell all - n.
4. address, discourse, disquisition, dissertation, harangue, lecture, oration, sermon, speech
5. blather, blether, chat, chatter, chitchat, conversation, crack (Scot.), gab (Inf.), gossip, hearsay, jaw (Sl.), natter, rap (Sl.), rumour, tittle-tattle

(Collins English Thesaurus)

Here's your chance to get together with like-minded people in the cosy surroundings of your own computer. Introduce yourself, exchange ideas, help others out, swap plans, beg for jobs, set up a date, propose marriage - whatever you'd like to do, you long as you ..... behave yourself by respecting the other users, keeping it clean & saying nice things about us!

To get in you have to fill in the first box with a name - your real name or a funky nickname. The second box is the optional profile box. Here it would be interesting to see where you are teaching - whatever. Click on the image to enter. Happy, fruitful chatting!

(Might take a short while to load)

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