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Happy New Year!

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11th January 2016



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We like it so much that we run our own online development courses at Developing with Moodle.
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A very Happy New Year to all!
Let's hope it will be a prosperous year in every way for all.

There are a few new things on the site, most notably some DELTA
lessons plans by Esther Ratcliff:

- Preparing and drafting formal emails of complaint through a
process-genre approach
- Teaching functional exponents for making, rejecting & accepting
- Developing listening for specific information at C1

To begin the year in your classes try a look back with a 2015
The questions & answers are below & at the site there are photos
to go with the questions to make it more interesting. On the same
page you can find links to the last 14 years of quizzes on the
site so why not pick a couple out to use in class to provoke
discussion. Students could then discuss their personal highlights
of the past year & also what they would like to see happen in the
world & personally achieve in the coming year.

Clearly New Year Resolutions combined with your students' ideas
on improving their English would make a good focus for a lesson.
Other New Year classroom ideas on the site:
New Year Resolutions reading:
The New Year: Traditions & Resolutions:

Some other New Year material at the site:
New Year's Resolutions lesson plan:

As the sales are in full flow now there is a lesson plan about
the sales that went wrong at IKEA:

And there's a lesson plan about taking presents back to the shops:

2015 Quiz
Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain
nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into
the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe
preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers.

There is a pdf download of the quiz & answers at:

Questions about the year 2015 in no particular order.

Discuss the answers with your partner & at the end decide on the
top three stories of 2015.

1. What happened at a satirical magazine in Paris in January?

2. Where did women win seats in an election for the first time?

3. Who was suspended for suspected corruption?

4. Who was Time Person of the Year?

5. Which country suffered a devastating earthquake in April?

6. Which was the biggest crisis of the year in Europe?

7. Which, among several countries, suffered from the on-going
civil war?

8. Which two countries came to an agreement after many years of

9. What happened in Paris in November?

10. Which EU country was bailed out, again?

11. In which country did a bomb explode during a peace rally?

12. Which country finally had democratic elections & who is the
country's leader?

13. Which country sent their first astronaut into space?

14. Which film series returned to the screen, yet again?

What other things happened in 2015?
What happened for you personally in 2015?

What do you hope will happen for you in 2016?


1. The staff were attacked by terrorists killing 12 ounding

2. Saudi Arabia elected women into office for the very first
time. Five women won seats on local municipal councils.

3. Sepp Blatter, president at Fifa, & Michel Platinin ,
prresident at UEFA.

4. Angela Merkel.

5. Nepal - 9000+ were killed.

6. The refugee crisis.

7. Syria.

8. Cuba & the US.

9. The terrorist attack.

10. Greece.

11. Turkey

12. Myanmar with Aang San Suu Kyi elected in November

13. Tim Peake from the UK.

14. Star Wars

Online teacher development courses on Developing - individualised one-to-one course for ELT/ESOL teachers at any level of teaching experience. If you are interested in following one then do get in touch for more information.

Happy teaching!


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