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Examples to accompany the Teaching Tip 'Dramatic Monologues'

Get a colleague to tape one of the following & try out the procedure in the Tip. Change the monologues to suit.

Monologue 1

Well, I wouldn't usually ask this, as you know, but it has been playing up lately..I haven' missed more than two or three days a year since I started working. I'm not the type to shirk my responsibilities. I prefer to soldier on & soon it goes away. But I must admit that it is uncomfortable.. ...quite severely, at times. A warm bath usually sorts it out. I remember you suggesting that a massage might be beneficial but I've never got round to it. So I thought what with the event coming up &, you know..frankly it is a special occasion & I wouldn't want to miss it. You're going too, aren't you? Yes, it should be quite something to remember. If you'd be so kind, I'll be on my way & not waste any more of your time. It only need be for a couple of days..a cover, sort of....

Monologue 2

Well, you must know the situation. It's been in the papers & now I'm afraid it's time to take some action. As you know, it isn't the easiest of decisions to take & it's as difficult for me as it is for you. But someone has got to do it, just as someone has to be on the other end. One day it might happen to me &'m just carrying out orders.... So, I'm sure you'll find something else before too long & I really do wish you every success in the future. You have been an important part of the team, I must admit & if there'd been any other solution you can be sure we'd have taken that but with the situation as it is....Anyway, that's that & there really isn't anymore to be said. ..... I was looking in the paper last night & there are several openings for a man of your maturity & experience.

Monologue 3

You must be aware why I've asked to see you. It's not as if this were the first time this has fact, if my memory serves me well, this is the seventh time and we are getting a bit fed up. We've got enough to do without catching him at it all the time. I honestly thing that it's high time that a firm hand were taken in the home. This is the best solution, really. Do you let him do it at home?...No, I don't imagine that you do. And do you or your husband? No....Well, possibly you could look out for the telltale signs; you know, the smell on his breath & his clothes & see if he has any on him. I mean, seven is quite an early age to start & what with the warnings we're getting these days about it...well, it can't do him any good, apart from anything else. The other boys see him & want to do it too & you know we can't have that. You don't er...give him money each day, do you? Stopping that might be a way to sort this out. Anyway, That's what I wanted to say & if it happens again, we'll have to take much stronger action.

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