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Answers to the multi-word
verb unjumbling

type 1 examples
We couldn't get on.
The bus drove off.
Joshua turned around.
The shop closed down.

type 2 examples
He filled in the form.
They put out the fire.
Ben broke down the door.
She woke him up.
They didn't pay him back.
He turned down the offer.
You need to work out the money.

type 3 examples
He's suffering from a serious illness.
Have you heard about Helen?
I don't care about it.
He relies on me a lot.
He's looking into the problem.

type 4 examples
They ran out of sugar
We must cut down on the money we spend.
Keep away from that dog!
I look back on my childhood a lot.
She looks down on people.
I used to look up to him.
He grew out of the clothes quickly.
They came up against a big problem.
You've got to face up to facts.
He doesn't really fit in with the others.
They got away with the robbery.

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