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Valentine's Day verse

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Carnations are sweet
And so are you.
And so are they
That send you this
And when we meet
We'll have a kiss.

Roses red
Violets blue,
Darling sweet,
I love you.

Postman, postman, do your duty,
Take this to my loving beauty.

My pen is black,
My ink is pale,
My love for you
Shall never fail.

My love is like a cabbage,
Divided into two.
The leaves I give to others
But the heart I give to you.

Avoid the great Valentine rip-off

Where to find gifts at prices that won't break your heart - and the bank. Juliet Shedden reports

Juliet Shedden - Guardian online

Saturday February 9, 2002

It's the great Valentine's rip-off. On a normal week the Interflora website allows you to buy your loved one a dozen red roses for £39.50. However, for one week only, there is a Valentine's special price: the same roses cost £55 plus a £4.50 delivery charge.

How can Interflora justify the 40% increase? "The price of roses keeps creeping up. It's all about supply and demand. The growers and suppliers of roses put their prices up threefold in this period. The delivery date defines what you pay," says Phil Carey from Interflora.

This Thursday, love-struck Britons are expected to spend a whopping £503m on romantic gestures.

According to Yorkshire Bank, we will spend £18.6m on cards. Chocolates, a firm favourite, will set us back £35.3m. And we'll splash out nearly £140m on those roses and other bouquets.

St Valentine's Day is now reaching a commercial fever pitch. Businesses everywhere are hoping to cash in on what was previously a profits bonanza for Hallmark cards and Interflora only.

Even banks are trying to get in on the act, with one, Yorkshire Bank, promoting Valentine's Day loans - although only at its normal rates. There's not an awful lot of romance about sliding into debt, so this week Jobs & Money set out to find the best value Valentine's gifts.

Unfortunately, opting for a single rose rather than a bouquet will still put a thorn in your wallet: Interflora charges £20 plus delivery.

Thorntons, the confectioner, advertises presents on its website from £2.99. But a closer look reveals that this only buys you some "love potion cubes". The "ultimate Valentine's heart" will set you back £11. And if you want to send a Valentine hamper, this will cost the best part of £35.

Thorntons has a florist service too, but the cheapest bouquet seems to be the "love and kisses" arrangement at £30. Opt for the real thing - it will be cheaper.

Flowers2send, the UK's first virtual florists, is more reasonable for a single rose: £14.99 including delivery. Its "delight bouquet" is £39.99, but if you splash out on the "spectacular" bouquet at £59.99, a free box of Belgian chocolates is thrown in.

Any attempt to say I love you in a more unusual way will see your costs soar. A "lovers' leap" tandem bungee jump, from Activity Superstore is £99, which includes champagne afterwards - if you can stomach it.

Lovers of chocolate may enjoy a 24-hour chocoholic experience costing £199. And a romantic champagne balloon flight for two will be £349.

For those who haven't yet plucked up the courage to approach that special person, Activity Superstore is offering flirting lessons for £129. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a money-back guarantee if your new flirting techniques fail to impress.

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