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Course description
These are personalised e-mail courses. The first module is an introduction to each of the course components and there are then twelve modules to choose from. You tell us when and which modules you would like to receive.

Each module consists of course notes, outside recommended reading, written tasks and teaching tasks (if currently teaching). The tasks are sent in to for assessment/comment and a swift individual response is given to each participant.

This course is personalised in that each trainee's teaching experience is taken into account and the depth on each course is accordingly graded in order for every trainee to benefit to the maximum.

Who the course is for
For those interested in English language teaching but with no actual experience we would start from the basics of the profession. We will help you to discover the nuts and bolts of the profession so that you would have the confidence to enter a classroom and give satisfying lessons to a variety of language level classes. This could also be preparation for a recognised Certificate course.

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For the experienced practising teacher we will assume the relevant knowledge of the classroom and materials. This teacher is one who has no local access to training and/or finds it impossible to devote the necessary time to a face to face training course. It is also an appropriate way to prepare for the Cambridge DELTA course.

Teaching component
We also offer a teaching observation component for trainees within easy travelling time of a trainer. This is a chance for you to be observed teaching several times in your own teaching environment. Oral and written feedback is given soon afterwards.

The Trainers
The course designers are practising language and teacher trainers who have a wealth of experience. This course is very practical in nature as theory is always related to effective classroom practice. Whatever your teaching experience we will engage you in reflecting on the language learning process and provide a interesting and enjoyable journey through English language teaching.

Course Modules

Orientation: this is an overview of the course; attitudes to teaching and learning, an overview of classroom approaches, an introduction to all of the areas mentioned below, a glossary of ELT terms & reading list.
This module is online with the remainder below being sent by e-mail.

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Example page 1

1. The Learner: factors affecting learning, managing the learner and the learner managing her own learning - autonomy

Example page 2

2. Speaking: sub-skill development and background theory
3. Listening
: sub-skill development and background theory
4. Language Focus 1: a blueprint for analysis, an introduction to meaning and some of the main structural and lexical areas
5. The Teacher: managing the class, the roles, the planning & problem solving
6. Language Development: options for presenting new language, reviewing and staged practice
7. Syllabus and Materials Design: designing the syllabus, the timetable, the lesson plan, using the coursebook and designing materials - ways & means
8. Language Focus 2: working with pronunciation skills: considerations, voice quality, stress, intonation, pitch, rhythm and the sound system
9. Evaluation: of the learner, error & teacher development
10. Reading: developing sub-skills and background theory
11. Writing
: developing sub-skills and background theory
12. Specialised teaching: teaching the business class and teaching the younger learner

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