A web site for the developing language teacher


A few things that we do to support the English language teaching community in the world at large:

  • Provide free teaching ideas, lesson plans & articles at Developing - a website for the developing English language teacher

  • Teacher training seminars
  • Teacher training courses face-to-face - 1 day > 4 weeks - YL, CLIL, Methodology, Business English, Phonology, Skills....
  • Cambridge ESOL CELTA training
  • Cambridge ESOL DELTA training
  • Cambridge ESOL CELTA assessing
  • Cambridge ESOL DELTA module 2 assessing
  • Set up Cambridge ESOL CELTA training centres
  • Set up Cambridge ESOL DELTA training centres
  • Trainer training - teacher > school trainer, school trainer > CELTA trainer
  • General English language courses face-to-face
  • Specialised English language courses face-to-face - ESP, Business English
  • Teacher sourcing

  • Cambridge oral examining - KET, PET, First Cert, CAE, Prof
  • Syllabus & materials development & design
  • Consultancy

Feel free to contact us.

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