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Primary Communication Box: Reading activities and puzzles for younger learners
Primary Activity Box: Games and Activities for Younger Learners
Primary Vocabulary Box : Word Games and Activities for Younger Learners
Primary Reading Box: Reading activities and puzzles for younger learners
Primary Pronunciation Box: Book and Audio CD Pack
Primary Grammar Box: Grammar Games and Activities for Younger Learners

Cambridge Copy Collection

Communication Box

The Primary Box Series in the Cambridge Copy Collection is a set of six independent books that provide a host of very solid tasks for your younger learners.

Each book contains 50-70 photocopiable activities, each with a teacher's page that gives the activity type, the skills focus, the language focus, level, age range, time & materials. Then there is the detailed 'before class', 'in class' & 'extension' information. The Map of each book is clearly set out, making activities easy to locate, & the introduction passes on sensible ideas on using the book . You really cannot go wrong with the activity outline. The quality of the black & white photocopiable pages is excellent, nicely laid out & generally appealing.

The series takes into account the different ages within the primary range as they say:

The books are divided into three levels within the 7-12 -year age range. Within each level we have tried to bear in mind the specific needs of each age group. The needs of those seven-year olds who cannot read & write confidently contrast sharply with those of 11-12-year olds who need a more challenging type of activity.

Each book is clearly written by experienced younger learner teachers as they provide a mix of tried & tested activities together with new, imaginative, stimulating tasks, making the books suitable for both experienced & newer teachers. There are, not surprisingly, mentions in each book on how they can contribute to preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests - Starters, Movers & Flyers.

Pronunciation Box comes with a cd & the Activity Box comes with an optional cassette.

I particularly like the emphasis on communication & pronunciation within this series. It is easy to fall into the rut of providing a non-communicative & school-oriented exam focus in primary classes so that by using this series teachers will question what they provide for their learners.

On the back of each of the six books in the series the publishers ask a combination of the following question - Are you looking for interesting, enjoyable, extra, easy to use, quick to prepare, fun activities? (The answer is of course a resounding 'Yes') And then they go on to extol the virtues of the particular book in question. And they are right, they do provide what they say they do. So, if you are teaching primary learners then make sure you have a copy of each of the books in the series to hand. They will provide an essential addition to the coursebook to ensure a smooth, fun & memorable course.
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Grammar Box

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