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Review of the year 2000 quiz

Word version

Questions about the year 2000 in no particular order.
Answers at the end.

1. What was Vicente Fox's job prior to becoming the president of Mexico?

2. Who became the Russian president at the very beginning of the year?

3. Which big internet provider merged with which giant media company?

4. Which plane & where was the infamous air crash?




5. Who took over from Milosevic?

6. Who became the 43rd?




7. Why was Jose Maria Aznar particularly pleased when he won a second term as president of Spain?

8. Which European country declined to join the European Community?

9. Which two countries, both beginning with 'E', signed a peace agreement?

10. Which company became the world's biggest mobile phone company after buying rival Mannesmann?

11. Which two countries, both beginning with 'K', got together for talks, publicly, for the first time?

12. Match the companies that merged: SmithKline Beecham, Pfizer, Glaxo Wellcome, Warner-Lambert-

13. What was the name of the young boy who survived a shipwreck to become an international focus & resulted in this photograph?




14. Which pop star drew a Christmas card for his manager that was sold for £5,405 in the UK in April?

15. Why did a lot of computer users feel wanted in May?

16. In December, which sporting event did Spain win for the first time?

17. Which music group made a comeback after three decades?

18. Where & why?


19. A lot of dot.coms purported to be 'revolutionary' - one certainly was, has 32 million registered users & is in court - name the company.

20. What storm blew up in Karachi & Johannesburg & is still threatening London & Canberra?

21. Which quintessential British actor left for that stage in the sky?

22. What sank & what was shut down in which country?

23. Ford bought two car manufacturers & got rid of one other - name them.

24. Which head of state died, which went home & which fled?

25. Who survived cancer to win the hardest of sporting events?

26. Which football club was named the club of the century?

27. Why did Craig Venter become famous?

28. The rise of demonstrations against what?





1. Coca Cola executive
2. Vladimir Putkin
3. AOL & Time Warner
4. Paris & Concorde
5. Vojslaw Kostunica
6. George Bush
7. His party won an outright majority for the first time
8. Denmark
9. Ethiopia & Eritrea
10. Vodaphone
11. Korea - North & South
12. Glaxo Wellcome & SmithKline Beecham, Pfizer & Warner-Lambert
13. Elián González
14. John Lennon
15. Many received the 'I Love You' virus infected e-mail
16. The Davis Cup in tennis
17. The Beatles
18. Australia & the Olympics
19. Napster
20. Cricket corruption
21. Alec Guiness
22. A submarine & the Chernobyl nuclear plant - in Russia.
23. Bought - Land Rover & BMW Sold - Rover
24. Hassad of Syria, Pinochet of Chile & Fujimoro of Peru
25. Lance Armstrong
26. Real Madrid
27. He was the scientist who mapped out human DNA
28. Economic globalisation

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