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Review of the year quiz - how well do you remember the year 2001?

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Questions about the year 2001 in no particular order. Click on the globe at the end for the answers. Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers.

1. Name the place & the tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 30.000 people & now, being overtaken by events, is just a vague memory?

2. What connects King Gyanendra of Nepal, India`s `Bandit Queen` Phoolan Devi and Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi?

3. What did 25 million people do during Maha Kumbh Mela, the Great Festival of the Pitcher?

4. Name some computer viruses which hit this year?

5. Which two companies merged this year only to find that one of the founding families wasn't happy?

6. Who won the Tour de France for the third successive year in July 2001?

7. Which infamous drug went off-patent this year?

spy plane
8. Who was spying on who, with result of a crash & a death?

9. Which wonder company went under & produced the biggest bankruptcy in American history?

10. Which government, led by which leader, withdrew their support for an accorrd on global warming & an anti-ballistic missile treaty?

11. Choose the correct figures.
In 2001 AIDS killed:
a. 500.000 Africans
b. 1.000.000 Africans
c. 2.300.000 Africans

12. In 2001 AIDS:
a. was contracted by 2.000.000 people worldwide.
b. was contracted by 5.000.000 people worldwide.
c. was contracted by 750.000 people worldwide.

13. Now AIDS afflicts:
a. some 40.000.000 people worldwide.
b. some 4.000.000 people worldwide.
c. some 10.000.000 people worldwide.

14. Which country breathed a sigh of relief when their leader didn't return from Japan? Who took over from him?

15. And in Japan which charismatic leader took the reins?

16. Whose Liberal Party won an unexpected victory & in which country did the Action Party win an expected election?

17. Who was finally captured & put on trial in the Hague?

18. Which two opposing countries joined the World Trade Organisation?

19. Which company got off lightly, to such an extent that it was seen as a victory?

20. Which leader was voted in again with a majority & went on to become a roving war leader?

21. Which leader was voted in under a cloud of scandal? (Which one wasn't!!)

22. Which mop top died & which said he was ready to get married again?

23.Who was deemed "mentally unfit to stand trial"?

24. Who was the wizard of the year?

25. Which famous writer is serving a four-year sentence for perjury and perverting the course of justice in Wayland Prison in Norfolk?

26. What disease led to the slaughter of millions of animals?
dead cattle

27. What happened to the Buddhas of Bamian?

28. An anti-globalisation protester was killed in which city?

ronnie biggs
29. Who is back behind bars in the UK after 36 years on the run?

30. Which hitchhiker left behind a novel in his computer, soon to be published?

31. Where did TV journalists barricade themselves in their studios in a dispute over the station's ownership?

32. Which city won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games?

33. The former king of which country returned to power through the ballot box?

34. Which were the most talked about buildings of the year?


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