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Review of the year quiz - how well do you remember the year 2002?

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Questions about the year 2002 in no particular order.

Click on the globe at the end for the answers. Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers.

Mt Etna
1. Which famous one erupted?
2. What took over Europe's pockets?
3. Who & where?
4. Who or what was Larsen B?
5. Idyllic tourist spot - where & what?
6. Two members of the British Royal family died - their names?
7. In April, more than houses in ruins - where?
8. Who nearly choked on a pretzel?
9. A night at which opera?
10. Two huge US corporations collapse - their names?
11. Citizens against the tide - Prague gets together against what?
12. Which city & surrounding area lived in fear of the sniper?
13. An environmental disaster strikes which European coastline?
14. Which leader was deposed & then reinstated in April?
15. One year after - where?
16. Which European leader escaped an assassination attempt?
World Cup
17. Who won?
18. Which country admitted they had a secret uranium-enrichment programme?

Quiz 2002 answers

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