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Review of the year
quiz - how well do you
remember the year

Questions about the year 2008 in no particular order.

Click on the globe at the end for the answers. Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers.

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1. What is the name of the French bank where a
'rogue trader' lost €5bn (£3.7bn)?

2. In which country was the 'People's car' launched?
People's car

3. Who escaped from her guerilla captives in July
after many years of captivity?

4. Which prominent European politician married
which former model & singer?
Sarkozky & Bruni

5. Which European country declared itself an
'independent and democratic state', much to the
annoyance of Russia?

6. Who stood down as head of state 49 years after
he seized power in an armed revolution?

7. Which country & province had the most
devastating earthquake in three decades killing in
the region of 70,000 people?
China quake

8. Who became the new number 1 in tennis?

Rafa Nadal

9. Who was finally arrested in Serbia after a 13-year
hunt, accused of masterminding the Srebrenica

10. Who clashed in South Ossetia in a conflict which
claimed more than 1400 lives?

11. What was the name of the hurricane that
battered Havana and Texas, causing widespread
destruction to the island of Haiti?

12. Which country successfully launched its first
unmanned Moon mission?
Indian rocket

13. Who was generally agreed to be 'Man of the
Obama family

14. Which Indian city was attacked by a group of
terrorists in December in which 200 people died?

15. Who became the world's biggest conman?

16. Which country had an uprising after the shooting
of a teenager by the police?
Greek riots

17. Which country won the football Euro Cup?

18.Who swam to become a sporting legend?

19. Who was know as the 'lightning bolt'?
Usain Bolt

20. What was the name of the Joker who died
Heath Ledger

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