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Answers to the Year 2001 Quiz



1. The earthquake in January in the Indian state of Gujarat.
2. They were all assassinated.
3. Bathed in the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers
4. Nimda, Goner, Sircam etc...
5. Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, two computer makers, announced their intention to merge. The Hewlett and Packard families said they would oppose the deal.
6. Lance Armstrong.
7. Eli Lilly's Prozac.
8. The US was spying on China & the plane collided with a Chinese plane & crashed. The Chinese pilot died.
9. Enron, a once high-flying American energy trader.
10. The US & George Bush.
11. 2.3m Africans in 2001.
12. 5m people contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
13. AIDS now afflicts some 40m people.
14. Peru, Alberto Fujimori skipped the country & Alejandro Toledo was voted in.
15. Junichiro Koizumi.
16. John Howard's Liberal Party & the People's Action Party won an expected one in Singapore.
17. Milosevic.
18. China & Taiwan.
19. Microsoft & being split in two for acting as an illegal monopolist.
20. Tony Blair.
21. Silvio Berlusconi, and his Forza Italia-led alliance.
22. George Harrison & Paul McCartney.
23. Augusto Pinochet.
24. Harry Potter.
25. Jeffrey Archer.
26. Foot & mouth disease in the UK.
27. Statues blown up by theTaliban
28. Genoa.
29. Ronnie Biggs.
30. Douglas Adams.
31. Moscow
32. Beijing.
33. Simeon II of Bulgaria
34. The Twin Towers in New York.

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