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Sounding right

The following is taken from a past Teaching Tip.

This week we're looking at a few common sound problems. You need to match up the sound problem, the technique for helping learners with this & the nationality that this refers to (among others).

As the text newsletter doesn't take the phonemic script we have used /../ for sounds where we can, & '...' where the sound is represented alphabetically.

For answers to the task, click the link at the end.

Sound problem
Technique for helping
1. /b/ & /v/
as in 'Thank you bery much'                           
a. Std says /u:/ & then the schwa, then put them together with /w/ i. Japanese
2. /s/ & 'th' as in 'I sink you're wrong' b. Get the std to bit the bottom lip – her own preferably. ii. Arabic
3. /r/ & /l/ as in 'He's got a yerrow yorry' c. Std holds a paper in front of the mouth, says /b/ but blows so that the paper moves. iii. Japanese
4. /s/ & /es/ as in 'I come from Espain' d. Std isolates 'sh', isolates /t/, reverse this /t/ + 'sh' = 'ch' iv. German
5. /v/ & /w/ as in 'Ve vill valk & vin' e. Std puts her finger on the alveolar ridge, touches the finger nail with the tip of the tongue & then replaces the finger with the tongue. v. Spanish
6. /b/ & /p/ as in 'A biece of baber'


f. Spanish speakers find it difficult to start the word with /s/ Move your hand & student says the /s/ sound all the time until you stop. Then make the hand movements shorter & shorter until they are just coming out with the /s/ vi. French
7. 'Sh' & 'ch' as in 'She goes to schurch on Fridays' g. Std says /i:/ , & then the schwa, then puts them together for /j/ vii.Spanish
8. /j/ & 'y' as in 'Have jou seen him' h. Std puts teeth almost together, blow out & teacher shows position of the tongue. viii. Spanish
9. /s/ & 'sh' as in 'He travels by sip' i. Std puts her finger across her lips & then wets finger with tongue. ix. French & Spanish

The 'Spanish' repeated has been left in to make is easier to use the chart as a jigsaw task on a training course.

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