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A few Spanish/English False Friends

the false friends:
English - part of speech - Spanish
the English meaning
the Spanish meaning
library - n - librería a place where you borrow books a place where you buy books
to divert - v - divertir to change the direction of something to have a good time
sympathetic - adj - simpático understanding nice, friendly
argument - n - argumento a verbal fight the plot of a book, film or play
to prove - v - probar to make certain that something is true to try something new, to try some clothes on
topic - n - tópico a subject/theme cliché
eventually -adv - eventualmente in the end/finally possibly
informal - adj - informal casual, not formal irresponsible
crime - n - crimen something illegal a murder, serious crime
to realise - v - realizar to be fully conscious of something to carry something out
sensible - adj - sensible to have good sense sensitive
actually - adv - actualmente in fact nowadays
educated - adj - educado a person who has received a good education polite
conductor - n - conductor a person who leads an orchestra the driver of a vehicle
particular - adj - particular special private
content - adj - contento satisfied happy
success - n - suceso someone/thing that turns out well an event
parent - n - pariente mother or father family member
direction - n - dirección move to something/where address
Note: sometimes the two words do correspond more or less. The false friend concerns a different meaning of the same word.

Here are some more false friends.
This is a nice error analysis activity to use as a warmer, cooler ...
You could look at five a lesson in this way.

False Friends
There is a fault in each of the sentences below, including this one! What is it & what is the correct version?

1. When you make a sauce, remove it slowly.

2. It was a tramp - they were waiting for him so he couldn't escape.

3. English is an easy idiom to learn.

4. She couldn't go to the party as she already had a compromise.

5. It was a good notice - Sheila had twins.

6. They went to the bar for a vase of wine.

7. He was feeling insane so he went for a run.

8. The film was a great exit - it won 8 Oscars.

9. He put the papers inside the carpet.

10. They have a reunion every morning at 10am.

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